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1. Go-to-Market Strategies: define and develop key strategies for customer acquisition and market share.
2. Product Launch: create launch plans, set objectives, and key results, and coordinate with global sales and product teams for effective execution. Ensure that successful experience can be replicated on a larger scale.
3. Sales Enablement: deliver high-quality training, sales kit, competitor analysis, and other required content to sales teams, getting them on board and ready to promote your product. Assist them in planning and securing key projects.
4. Market Intelligence: be an expert of your product, market, and competition. Follow technology and market trends closely, analyze customer feedback systematically, and always be sensitive to potential opportunities or gaps between a product and its market.
5. Evangelist: Be the spokesperson of your product to users, channel partners, media, and other stakeholders.

1. Develop and execute marketing plans.
2. Define marketing program objectives, target audiences, tactics, creative deliverables, and ROI measurement.
3. Build and maintain relationships with KOLs and media contacts, as well as proactively pitch targeted media outlets and KOLs.
4. Foster community relations through press conferences, briefings, campaigns, and events.
5. Leverage digital marketing tools to increase brand awareness.


1. 1.5+ years of leadership experience.
2. At least 2+ years of experience of social media or digital marketing tools
3. Have applicable knowledge in smart home products or IoT industry.
4. Highly motivated, creative individual and a passion for connecting with current and future technology.


45K ~ 65K TWD/month

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