【Amazon跨境電商】Visual Marketing Planner 視覺行銷企劃

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Job Description

[Job Overview] :
Visual Marketing Planning is the process of planning all the images/graphics and copy that appear on the Amazon product listing pages of the clients we work with.
A successful Visual Marketing Planner is one that is familiar with the culture of overseas consumers, one who can quickly understand the features and selling points of each product, and then uses creativity and aesthetics to tell a good story for the product on the Amazon listing page.
All these factors combine would make consumers want to pay for your product as soon as they see it’s image or copy!

[Responsibilities and Duties]:
- Understand customer needs, product features, and consumer pain points in the market. Plan the appearance of all images and write copy for our customer's product listing pages (copywriting must be written in fluent English, while communication with clients can be in Chinese)
- Provide overseas consumer market research reports, competitive analysis, and consumer profiling.
- Communicate and cooperate smoothly with designers and project managers to create suitable marketing materials that meet customer and market needs.
- Planning product reviews, frequently asked questions, digital ads, electronic direct mails, product insert cards, landing pages, websites, etc. (all written in English)
- Some of the projects include video production, which requires the ability to communicate with outsourcing video production companies to produce scripts, storyboards, and supervise the production process.
- Develop various digital marketing methods to increase the sales of your products on overseas e-commerce platforms.


- Excellent English Language Skills: Ability to read and write in English fluently (specific experience or certification is preferable). *Bonus credits: fluent in English speaking; experience of living, studying or working overseas; ability to speak a second language (eg. Japanese, German, Spanish, French, etc.).
- Aesthetic Intelligence for E-commerce Platforms: Having the ability to sense beauty in terms of images for products, and knowledge about multiple styles of designs.
- Storytelling Marketing Skills: Accurately grasp consumer needs, and use creative ways to tell eye-catching and appealing stories for products.
- Stable Work Experience: 1-2 years of stable and relevant internship/ work experience is preferred.
- Overseas Market Insight: familiarity with overseas e-commerce market or culture (e.g. the United States, the European Countries, and Japan, etc.) is preferred.
- Familiarity with Graphic Design Process: This role involves communicating and cooperating with designers and outsourcing video production companies. Thus a certain understanding of software such as Illustrator and video production is preferred.


Thank you for your interest in the position. Please feel free to drop your CV to [email protected]
We'll contact you if you're selected in the interview process.
Thank you!

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About us

【 恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司 】
恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司協助客戶經營全球 Amazon(亞馬遜) 市場,提供給客戶一站式的解決方案,從市場調查、商品銷售策略規劃、數位行銷、金流及物流串連等,幫助企業快速的在海外市場拓展並且提升品牌知曉及市佔率。

【 PrimePlus 】
PrimePlus 為恆昌盛電子商務股份有限公司所經營之跨境電商服務品牌,擁有專業的跨境市場分析、數位行銷、產品企劃、數據工程等完整代營運團隊。
目前與大型品牌商及中小型產品客戶保持穩定合作關係並積極開拓外銷市場,客戶包含宏碁Acer, 台達電DELTA, 犀牛盾RhinoShield, 聖石HolyStone等業界知名品牌,經營中的Amazon站點包含美國、歐洲、日本等地。

【 組織現況 】
PrimePlus 自2018下旬14人至目前40人左右翻倍成長,現階段成員約為23至35歲。團隊成員們獨立思考、分析問題、內部共享並提出解決方案的良性循環過程,形塑 PrimePlus 外商環境的自主管理風格。同時,年輕活力的正向思維且充滿發展性的專業職能,讓 PrimePlus 能每天向不斷更新變化的電商市場挑戰。

【 內部職位 / 專業功能角色 】
• Business Development Consultant 商務發展顧問
• Project Management 專案管理(客戶產品)
• Product Planning 產品企劃
• Digital Advertising Optimizer 廣告優化師
• EC Platform Expert 電商平台營運管理師
• Public Relations 公共關係
• Marketing 行銷
• Graphic & UI Designer 平面/ UI 設計師
• Front/ Back-End Programmer 前/ 後端工程師
• Data Analyst 市場/ 數據分析師

PrimePlus 團隊隨著客戶增長持續擴編中,邀請更多優秀人才一起跨境!

官方網站 www.primeplusglobal.com
粉絲專頁 www.facebook.com/PrimePlusGlobal
Youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCluwz2eWyF_05nh7mccBHow/videos
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/company/primeplus


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