Senior Software Engineer, AI Runtime

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Job Description

Skymizer is developing a software stack for deploying AI models at various types of AI system-on-chips, from high-performance cloud to cost-effective edge devices.

As a senior software engineer of AI runtime, you will help develop a "runtime" software that runs on the target device. Runtime reads the compiled result from the compiler, optimize the instructions given the dynamic information, and then drives the underlying AI hardware to work.

Your contribution is important for enabling those exciting deep neural network models really working in the daily life. Without runtime to bridge the compiler and the hardware, the hardware is useless.

This job is also challenging, though. Actually, you can consider the runtime by analogy with operating system. It manages resource and helps synchronization and communication among components. The problem becomes complex since we often deal with a heterogeneous system.

Just like Linux kernel, we heavily use C/C++, and you are expected to program in a logical, reusable, and timely fashion.


  • Develop software architecture of AI runtime.
  • Deliver high-quality implementation on schedule.
  • Present the techniques in public.


Minimum qualifications

  • Experience with embedded system and RTOS.
  • Knowledge of Linux kernel design.
  • Bachelor’s or above in Computer Science or related technical discipline.
  • 8+ years of professional software development experience.

Preferred qualifications

  • Knowledge of distributed system.
  • Knowledge of deep neural network model.
  • Communication in English.
8 years of experience required
1,500,000 ~ 3,400,000 TWD / year
Partial Remote Work
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Skymizer 是頂尖的編譯與虛擬化技術團隊,幫助客戶建立各式的虛擬機與編譯器,增加軟體效能、縮短 time-to-market 時間;目前我們已與世界級的公司合作,一起開發供深度學習 (deep learning) ASIC 使用的編譯器。除了內部產品,也積極開發及參與 Open Source 的專案。我們熱愛技術、想透過我們的雙手讓軟體界變得更好,為此,需要你的加入!


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R&D Manager
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Office administration


35K ~ 60K TWD / month

Entry level
1.1M ~ 1.3M TWD / year

Entry level
1.11M ~ 1.3M TWD / year