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Founded in 2015 in Hong Kong, with the mission to maximize human learning ability with personalized learning, Snapask connects students to quality tutors for instant 1-on-1 learning support. Our technologies optimise students' learning experience with efficient and accurate tutor matching, content recommendation and learning data visualisation. Snapask is now in 8 markets in Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea, supporting over 3 million students with over 350,000 qualified tutors from top universities.

On top of offering subscriptions on tutor Q&A service, we develop topic-based academic courses with live coaching support for students going through exam-preparations in high schools and universities. We are looking for talents specialised in the DevOps field to join us, to create and redefine the next generation of education.

### Role & Responsibilities

    • Analyze, improve and expand current technology utilized, CI, CD, profiling, etc.
    • Implement and maintain monitoring and alerting stacks.
    • Build and maintain highly available systems.


    ### Skills & Qualifications

    • 5+ years experience in backend or DevOps
    • Understanding major DevOps tools, course control, CI, CD, container, orchestration, etc.
    • Familiar with AWS or similar cloud platforms.
    • Software security knowhow and skills.
    • Sense of humor, passion and proactivity.


    1.2M ~ 1.6M TWD/year

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    Snapask Taiwan Limited


    About us

    ◆ 產品理念

    學生可於Snapask平台上透過「實時問答」獲得即時功課輔導或「模擬測驗」定期作針對性操練。團隊期望個人化服務能更有效解決每位學生的學習難題,同時建立更仔細的個人學習能力分佈檔案,協助同學充分掌握自己的專長,主導自己的學習方向,重拾學習的樂趣。時至今日,Snapask 廣受中學生歡迎, 即時教學服務亦推廣至台灣、新加坡、馬來西亞、印尼、泰國、日本、韓國等市場。現時已有超過上百萬名學生曾經接受來自35萬名合格導師的即時支援。

    ◆ 團隊價值主張
    1. Responsible, so we can count of you and same vice versa.
    Responsibility with flexibility, if you want flexibility at work, you should always make sure you perform at best on all your responsibilities. Being responsible also means you understand your team mates are relying on your best judgement on your decisions.

    2. Effective, so things got done, and positive impact is made.
    Effectiveness with quality, make sure what you are doing is scalable, transferrable, and most importantly, solving the core problem. Being effective does not only mean bringing results, being cost, time, and energy- effective is what makes the company competitive and performs always at best.

    3. Self-aware, so one could always learn and improve.
    Humility is to be self-aware and respectful. Do not assume you are right, always listen and constructively offer helpful feedback to others, so you can improve and help others to improve. Respectfulness comes first in all conversations, even when making a strong justified point.


    Trista Wei
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    Jason Wang
    Jason Liang
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