Software Engineering

Job Description

SPEDx is in growth mode, and we are looking to add Software Engineers to our internal technology team. Our ideal candidate is someone that:

  • Is passionate about building experiences that people love
  • Is comfortable jumping around between technology stacks and environments
  • Wants to be part of a fast-moving startup environment
  • Knows the difference between building a sustainable product and simply finishing a task
  • Is rewarded by seeing the results of the experiences they create with actual users
  • Understands the work isn't done until value is added for customers

We believe that the best teams are cross-disciplinary, and that the best team members are just as comfortable working on our CI/CD pipeline as they are troubleshooting database queries, implementing new user stories, or refining our machine learning algorithms.


  • Shipping code
  • Ensuring operational efficiencies
  • Changing the world


Background in software development working in a highly-collaborative team environment Able to work independently with minimal supervision


45K ~ 50K USD / year


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