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1. As part of a team, implement REST API’s using Ruby on Rails 5.
2. Model infrastructure, power distribution, and cooling for data centers and other facilities
3. Develop charts and analytics that give users insight into the energy consumption, savings, and environmental conditions at their facilities.
4. As needed, help with UI working using Typescript, JavaScript, HTML, and\or CSS
5. Provide real value for our customers
6. Provide unit-test coverage for delivered code


1. 4+ years of commercial experience with Ruby on Rails required
2. 4+ years of experience in creating web applications
3. Solid understanding of User Interface design overall usability issues.
4. Linux power user
5. Strong experience with SQL databases (PostgreSQL preferred)
6. Creative, industrious, self-managed
7. Excels when working as part of a small, highly skilled, agile team
8. Deep knowledge of ExtJS, jQuery, AngularJS, or other feature rich Ajax JavaScript libraries
9. Strong understanding of HTML, CSS and applying style sheets to create sophisticated layouts
10. Previous experience with Energy Management products or Network Management Systems
11. Experience in the day to day operations of a data center environment, particularly as it relates to planning and infrastructure management
12. Experience with Rails Engines
13. Passion for throwing out ideas to see what sticks
14. Graphic design
15. Excellent oral and written communications skills (intermediate in English).
16. Self-motivated with critical attention to details, deadlines and reporting

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4 years of experience required
1M ~ 1.7M TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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太陽鳥軟體(Sunbird Software) 是第二代Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)軟體市場的領導者,以創新的思維,提供資料中心客戶簡易、快速、完備的DCIM解決方案。我們正在改變資料中心傳統的管理方式,越來越多資料中心管理人員放棄了以Excel 及Visio為基礎的本土DCIM工具,採用我們的解決方案。 



DCIM - Data Center Infrastructure Management Software System, Cable Management, Infrastructure Design & Optimization Companies - Sunbird DCIM



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