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Job Description

This position is available for remote work. But the location should be in Taiwan.

Company introduction:
In recent years, the company has experienced rapid growth, currently boasting a team of over 60 dedicated professionals. With a global presence, they have established a network of distribution partners and clients around the world. their strong collaborations extend to industry leaders such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

At the heart of company is a diverse team composed of experts from various backgrounds and experiences. We thrive on questioning the status quo. Here, you can collaborate with the sharpest minds in product development, engage in creative discussions with the most innovative thinkers in design, analyze data alongside the most adept analysts, and craft marketing strategies with those who excel in thinking beyond conventional boundaries.

  • Client: Global automotive、FB Meta、AWS、fintech...etc.
Position Summary:

The VP of Technology and Growth, also known as our Tech Entrepreneur in Residence, will be a forward-thinking leader. You'll use our current strengths to make valuable new products and services for customers. This job needs both technical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. We want someone who has a history of turning ideas into real business results. We're looking for a candidate with startup experience, ready to rethink and make our company better in the fast-changing tech world.

Key Responsibility:
  • Creating Value for Customers: Develop and put into action a clear plan for technology, The VP of Technology and Growth needs to make and carry out a plan for technology that fits what the market will need in the long run. This plan should choose the most important technology projects that make the company grow, come up with new things, and make customers happy.
  • Using Data to Make Decisions: The VP of Technology and Growth should focus on using data to help make important decisions about technology. This means collecting and looking at data about how people use our products, how well things work, and then using that information to keep getting better and coming up with new ideas.
  • Growing the Business:Work with the Sales and Marketing teams to plan how to show our products and get them out there: The VP of Technology and Growth needs to work with the Sales and Marketing teams to come up with good ways to talk about our products and get them to customers. This teamwork should make sure our products and services look good to customers and that we can get and keep customers.
  • Partnering for New Ideas: The VP of Technology and Growth should work together with other important companies and their groups to make new things happen. This means working closely with their leaders to make sure our technologies match up with what they want to do, sharing what we know with them, and making sure we're leading in what we do and making a lot of money together.
  • Building a Culture of New Ideas and Always Getting Better: The Director of Technology and Growth should help make a way of working that's all about coming up with new ideas and always getting better. This should help the team learn about new technologies and the best ways of doing things. This way of working should help us change what we do quickly to make customers happy and do well in the market.


  • Blend of business acumen and technical expertise
  • Experience in managing teams of 25+ individuals,having held positions like Director/VP/Chief Executive in product/technology/engineerin
  • International market exposure, particularly in Southeast Asia or Europe/Americas.
    • Successful track record in introducing products to global markets is a big plus.
  • Specialization in fields like Big Data, Machine Learning, GenAI in multimodality practices, Edge Computing, CDN, security, Database, DevOps, or related fields. , with entrepreneurial backend background considered
  • Minimum 1 year startup or entrepreneurial experience
  • Ambitious for the startup realm, willing to partner with the executive team, drive expansion into new domains, envision fresh prospects for products; Prior startup involvement crucial, including team leadership, effective engineer communication, collaboration with CEO for revenue-centric products; Expertise beyond just technology
  • Contribute as a business partner to scale up company alongside the executive team.

Interview process

【Interview】4-5 rounds + online/onsite with stakeholders.


👉For More Questions, feel free to contact me

Consultant: Tina Lee

Mail: [email protected]


10 years of experience required
4,000,000 ~ 7,000,000 TWD / year
Managing 15+ staff
Optional Remote Work
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