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Job Description

1. Define the strategy for Taiwan Innovation so that all the teammates from Taiwan
production will be able to participate.
2. Adapt the organization as well as the routines.
3. Accompany multi process team to boost innovation according to strategy defined.
4. Create the connection and synergy with the campus innovation team. (Innovation
booster, TGC or MP committee=>TBD)
5. Invent a new business model for innovation projects
6. Continuously explore the potential of Taiwan i

1. Sports and innovation enthusiast..
2. Curious and able to think outside the box.
3. Dare to try out new ideas and be able to face failure.
4. Motivational communication
5. Proficient at project management, cross department coordination.
6. French nationality is a plus

5 years of experience required
100 ~ 180 TWD / month
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