Blockchain Researcher 區塊鏈研究員

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Job Description


• Solid understanding of the blockchain ecosystem including Ethereum, Layer 1s, Layer 2s, DeFi and Web 3.0.  

• In-depth knowledge of existing mainline blockchain and/or DeFi projects.

• Be proactive and stay informed about market trends, opportunities, risks and new blockchain projects.

• Strong analytical skills and experience in analyzing blockchain projects thoroughly, perform due diligence on project teams, protocol design, financial viability, smart contract and implementations, with a strong attention to detail, identify associated risks (especially for financial risk) and evaluate the technological value and future potential preciously. 

• Ability to conduct proactive research on blockchain projects by aggregating information from a variety of sources, including discussion, technical repositories and get feedback from teams, then draw informed conclusions from incomplete information, organizing an analysis as complete as possible in order to write brief research reports to present your findings and recommendations to our Strategy Team and Engineering Team.



• A bachelor (or above) degree in technical (i.e. mathematics, engineering or computer science or equivalent), with financial and/or blockchain experience.

• Active in Crypto communities and can get the latest information in the ecosystem through a wide and diverse range of channels.

• Positive influencer in Crypto communities, especially well-known promoters in the ecosystem to assist us in building our community.

• In-depth research or engineering experience on smart contracts, with strong security risk sensitivity, especially those who have discovered protocol level or smart contract vulnerabilities are strongly preferred.

• Ability to understand and solve complex challenges and problems.

• Enthusiasm for the future of blockchain technology, web3, and low-level protocol development.

• An open minded research approach and genuine intellectual curiosity.

Interview process

▋ The steps of the hiring process are as follows:

1. Submit resume

2. An online interview with hiring managers

3. Give a presentation on a particular topic we provide

4. Orientation interview with HR and discuss salary expectations

At any stage that we decide not to move forward with the interview process, we will inform you our decision **within 2 weeks**. If you do not hear from us by then, you’re welcome to contact us!

In the final step of the interview process, you can discuss with the core members of our team about the company, the position or career advancement. You can put forward your job expectations, salary and so on.

1.2M ~ 5.1M TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of SuDo Research Labs(蘇度科技有限公司).

SuDo Research Labs(蘇度科技有限公司)

About us

SuDo Research Labs(蘇度科技有限公司)源於一群區塊鏈(Blockchain)研究室成員在 2017 年創設的 SuDo Research,成員群共同研發之低風險(市場中性)量化交易策略已取得卓越的成果 - 交易績效名列世界主流之加密貨幣交易所 Top 25 ( )。

基於未來長期發展的規劃,SuDo Research 於 2021 年悉心孵化專精於區塊鏈(Blockchain)與去中心化金融(DeFi)的 SuDo Research Labs(蘇度科技有限公司),公司總部設於台北101大樓,近日將重新改造為嶄新的辦公空間,營造舒適而高效率的工作環境。



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