Job Description

1. Develop a flexible and scalable backend framework to accerlerate the AI models development process. 
2. Co-work with and support team members to design system architecture, choose proper technologies and plan development.
3. Communicate friendly and professionally with scientists, engineers, product managers and other teams.
4. Explore challenging new areas and build high-quality software solutions for new and existing products. 
5. Monitor, maintain and improve the quality of AI production system continuously.
6. Turn AI prototypes into products and deploy systems to the clients.


1. Minimum 2 year experience with Python in Unix/Linux environments; C++ is a plus. 2. Familiar with at least one of the popular framework such as Caffe, Tensorflow, Pytorch and Onnx. 3. Strong software engineering fundamentals, including data structures, design patterns, testing, and debugging skills. 4. Having basic knowledge about computer vision is a plus. 5. Comfort with databases and performance analysis skills is a plus. 6. Having experience in virtual technology (Docker, VM) is a plus. 7. Experience with one or more continuous delivery tools (Jenkins, Ansible) is plus.


50K ~ 90K TWD/month



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Viscovery 創意引晴股份有限公司


About us

Viscovery (Visual Discovery) 成立於2013年,專注電腦視覺與深度學習的「VisionAI」技術,協助各垂直領域的領頭羊企業導入各式 AI 解決方案,是亞洲視覺辨識技術與影音大數據的領航公司。 Viscovery 透過自行開發專利算法,自動分析並標籤大量的圖片與影片,將圖片與影片中視覺內容轉化成結構化、多維度、含有高度商業價值的 Visual Big Data (視覺大數據)。至今已累積超過千萬級別商品資料庫,完成超過億次等級自動標籤辨識請求,同時實現毫秒級別的辨識速度與精準度。VisionAI 服務廣泛應用於電子商務、智慧零售、媒體廣告、工業4.0等領域。「電子商務」應用有商品辨識、以圖搜圖、個人化推薦、快速回購、客戶服務等;「智慧零售」則含括人臉辨識、商品辨識、互動廣告、和自助結賬等;「視頻媒體」則運用於內容推薦、自動標籤、片庫管理、智慧剪輯、和內容過濾等;「工業4.0」應用在機器人協作、AR工具協作、廠區監控、和品質控管等。Viscovery 亦提供各式客製化的視覺辨識服務,為客戶打造隱密和適用的專屬辨識引擎。 Viscovery 研發中心設立於台北,由海外和台灣人工智慧、電腦視覺、深度學習、大數據領域的學術工程專家組成,並與美國頂尖大學AI實驗室進行產學合作。我們誠摯邀請同樣富有熱情、創造力、與專業力的夥伴加入,一同實踐立足亞太、放眼全球的技術願景與抱負!(

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