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ZipX TW Limited
Logo of ZipX TW Limited.
ZipX TW Limited

Company summary

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Founded over 25 years ago, ZipX has been building a borderless shopping experience for almost 3 decades. We believe that a world class logistics coverage, along with the help of technology, can provide an unparalleled service to our customers. Our number one priority is to give the best experience to our customers around the globe, and that includes both coverage and access.

This includes a seamless shopping experience, without the worries of international shipping.

In 2019, ZipX acquired a company called Trusu to further our vision. Using Trusu’s technology, ZipX instantly prices products from around the world in local currency, and allows customers to purchase using their local credit cards.

No other service has had the vision to seamlessly offer a worldwide catalogue of products to our customers. With current operations in East Asia, Europe, and the Americas, ZipX is continuing to expand quickly in order to continue offering unparalleled service and product availability.

Products or services

Order any item from the US, UK, EU, Japan, shipped to Taiwan in just a click. If the product won't ship to you, we'll send it for you! Search the world's brands through our website, or copy-paste any link in to our search bar, to get an all-in price to your door in your local currency.

Get your favorite brands from the US, UK, EU, & Japan shipped directly to Hong Kong
ZipX is where you go to purchase your favorite products from other countries.
ZipX is a small, fast-paced team looking to expand its business to new markets.

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Managing Director
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Head of IT

Tech stack

Tasks: - Make product photos, banners, and short product videos with the help of our designer - Research, write and edit featured product deals - Post and maintain a campaign four Facebook, Instagr...
40K ~ 50K TWD / month
No requirement for relevant working experience