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about 11 hours

A new week has begun.

Everyone must have welcomed the new week with new resolutions.

Bosses will hope for more profits this week, and some people will strive to make their resolutions come true this week. I will also start work with a new resolution. I am eager to work for any company, but .....

I wish everyone the best and let's start anew.

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3 days

Let's start Good Weekend....

The best way to have a good weekend.....

Weekends spent with your lover, friends, or family are truly happy days.

But I'm going to spend my weekend break with my computer.

The computer is the most friendly companion of the 21st century. Of course, he doesn't have any emotions, but he explains the issues I want to know very accurately and kindly...

I think you all have the same stance as me.

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10 days

About the developer's conscience...

"Thousand-year liability, 1000-year warranty. Cooperation with customers as much as possible."

There are tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of developers in the world, and they are currently looking for work opportunities or working for customers or companies.

But their goals may not be the same.

Of course, all those people get paid to do their work.

In this respect, developers are in one view, but they need to look again.

It's conscience.

There are probably more people who receive compensation for developing something once and then demand compensation again the next time a mistake occurs and they demand eradication.

This is a kind of question of conscience.

In my opinion, taking full responsibility for what one has developed until the end is a true developer's conscience and human nature.

It would be good if customers or the company recognized the developer's abilities and gave him a bonus for his hard work, but it's okay if they didn't...

This may happen because the developer himself is not perfect, or this problem may occur due to some external factor.

It would be a kind of faith for customers or the company to find themselves again.

All developers and customers should always know this and let developers focus on completing projects and customers on hiring developers.

I posted a few words with my inexperience. Thank you.

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11 days

Hello EVERY ONE!!!!!

The road to corporate success....

Do all our subscribers and customers here know this?

According to my opinion, it is like this.

A great site for your own company, advertisements based on it, and the development trends of other companies...

How do companies like Amazon, which are ranked among the world's leading companies, maintain their current position?

In short, it can be seen as a competition for talent and the business methods of bosses on how to use those talents.

There are many developers in this world.

However, depending on which developers you hire, your company's site will be transformed, follow global trends, and the company itself can become a global trend. Your company's success depends on talented people. Talented people will work hard and passionately for companies that believe in them. “Faith breeds loyalty.”

I posted a few words with poor knowledge. Thank you.


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What tools will you find on SAS?

There is something for everyone on SAS. Here are just a few of the tools that can come in handy every day:

Avatar Generator: create a unique avatar for any social network in just a couple clicks.

Popup and widget builder: perfect for marketers who want to improve customer interaction without the help of designers.

QR code generator with logo: an effective tool to promote your brand.

Calculators for everything from credit calculators to health assessment tools such as a BMI or body fat percentage calculator.

Why choose #SAS?

Choosing SAS is more than just choosing a user-friendly website with tools. It's your step towards a more organized and productive life. All tools on the site are completely free, available without registration, and offer maximum accuracy and quality.

SAS is constantly updated and updated with new tools, so you'll always be one step ahead in capitalizing on digital opportunities. Take this chance to optimize your daily tasks and give your online presence a new boost.

Visit sas.com.ru and discover the world of convenience and innovation that awaits you right now!

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12 days

Why is the podium on this site so quiet????

What does it mean for a place with so many subscribers and customers to be quiet? Are we all tired now? Extensive exchanges and articles like traffic congestion... Let's all do our best... Let's take care of cakeresume like a vast land again...

A very sad reader is posting this.

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12 days

I don't just build websites or applications; I architect digital experiences that leave a lasting impression on users and businesses alike

From frontend finesse to backend brilliance, I'm the Swiss Army knife of software development, ready to tackle any challenge head-on.

As a full-stack developer, I bring the perfect blend of creativity and logic to every project, ensuring both innovation and reliability.

I thrive in the dynamic intersection of design and functionality, transforming ideas into immersive digital solutions that captivate audiences.

With a holistic understanding of the tech stack, I'm not just coding; I'm crafting solutions that drive growth and elevate brands to new heights.

I'm not just a coder; I'm a storyteller, weaving together technology and user experience to create compelling narratives in the digital realm.

In a world of specialists, I stand out as a versatile problem-solver, seamlessly bridging the gap between frontend aesthetics and backend efficiency.

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13 days

EVERYBODY NIce to meet you ...

I'm a software developer that first in here...

Thank you for your generous assistance.



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