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Python 工程師

1. Develop and maintain back-end systems. 2. Perform research and development task: Mainly digital payment related and O2O function.

Updated about 8 hours agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


iOS Engineer


Updated about 8 hours agoMonthly TWD 70,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


【開發團隊】伺服器工程師 Server Engineer

關於曉數碼 Akatsuki 影片分享 Akatsuki曉數碼名稱的由來,是基於「為世界帶來拂曉」理念,而來自於日文的「曉(Akatsuki)」。 蘊涵著「我們希望在藉由提供產品和服務的同時,除了對社會作出貢獻, 讓大家理解Akatsuki的價值觀之...

Updated 7 days agoPer year TWD 550,000 ~ 1,400,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

POSITIVE GRID_佳格數位科技有限公司

iOS Developer

1. 開發app 功能, 並能 以技術的角度, 提供可能/可行的方案, 或是市面上相關音樂app 所沒有的feature; 不論從應用/創意/架構/DSP 各方面提出更好的做法, 我們不做 me too的產品.2. 研究相關論文/Open source/tech document, 需要...

Updated 3 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000+

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


Backend Engineer

流的產品 應徵條件 熟悉 CS (Computer Science) 相關知識或相關科系畢業熟悉 Linux 系統,Pinkoi 用 Ubuntu熟悉 Python, PHP, Ruby, C, C#, C++, Java, Go 任何一種語言,Pinkoi 主要用 Python熟悉 Web 程式開發熟悉 SQL 或 NoSQL 資料庫熟悉 MVC 開發架構,有 web...

Updated 16 days agoMonthly TWD 999,999,999 ~ 999,999,999

Full-timeEntry level台北


Backend Developer

Responsibility: Develop high quality, high concurrency, high availability, high scalability API backend with distributed micro services. This is the true portray of the world of blockchain. There’s still a mist of unknown ahead of us, so we shall keep recruiting talents who dare trying. “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Folks, if you wanna leave a dent in the world, this is it. ...

Updated 10 days agoPer year TWD 900,000 ~ 2,500,000

Full-timeEntry level台北


【國際營運】伺服器工程師 Server Engineer

關於曉數碼 Akatsuki 影片分享 Akatsuki曉數碼名稱的由來,是基於「為世界帶來拂曉」理念,而來自於日文的「曉(Akatsuki)」。 蘊涵著「我們希望在藉由提供產品和服務的同時,除了對社會作出貢獻, 讓大家理解Akatsuki的價值觀...

Updated 7 days agoPer year TWD 550,000 ~ 1,400,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

WASAI Technology

C/C++/Java/Hadoop 軟體工程師

*Product development of Big Data platform with system and machine knowledge. *Dig into deep side of big data systems, Hadoop, Spark platforms and infrastructure core technologies. *You will join a growing team of software engineering professionalsand have a real opportunity to have your software solutions embraced and to demonstrate your coaching and mentoring skills. *There is enormous potential for you to carve out a long term career path within this market leading organization where you will have an access...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 40,000 ~ 150,000

Full-timeEntry level台北


嵌入式系統軟體工程師 Embedded System Software Engineer

 工作內容 - IoT 設備開發   技能需求 必備- 熟悉 Python- 熟悉 Linux 作業系統- 熟悉 Git- 曾使用過 Raspberry Pi 開發板 加分項- 熟悉 C/C++- 熟悉 REST API- 曾開發過 WebSocket(Client或Server皆可)- 曾處理過 USB、Serial、Parallel Communication Protocol- 曾聽過 ESC/P、OPOS 或 PCL   經驗...

Updated 8 days agoMonthly TWD 40,000 ~ 70,000

Full-timeEntry level台北大直

TLI Group

CTO 技術⻑

- 規劃制定公司技術策略,以符合集團發展目標。 - 帶領兩岸軟體開發團隊,統籌整合內外部資源,掌管研發時程。 - 協助研發新軟體技術及新應⽤用⼯工具。 - 熟ASP.NET - 會C#、Java、C++、Ruby、Python、Go...etc 工作團隊...

Updated 16 days agoMonthly TWD 100,000 ~ 200,000




1. 會C/C++程式開發及測試。2. 會MCU微控制器功能。3. 會MCU微控制器除錯工具。4. 技術問題排除。5. IC 驗證、應用韌體、程式庫或應用平台開發。6. 熟基本電子電路。7. 英文程度佳,可自行研讀產品規...

Updated 20 days agoMonthly TWD 30,000 ~ 60,000

Full-timeEntry level


Financial Analyst 金融分析師

訊科技, 經濟, 數學, 或商學院領域 語文條件:中文、英文 擅長工具:使用以下工具的經驗:SAS,SQL,Matlab,STATA,R,Java,C ++,UNIX shell,Python 工作技能:受過計量經濟學或統計學方面的學術培訓或實務經驗,應用大數據進行...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 45,000 ~ 60,000

Full-timeEntry level台北

POSITIVE GRID_佳格數位科技有限公司

Audio/DSP Engineer

《你會在Positive Grid做些什麼》1. 在Windows、Mac、iOS和ARM等平台上開發各種聲音效果,相關產品包含Guitar、Bass、Drum、Synthesizer、 Mixing/Mastering等。2. 訊號處理模組的維護、除錯以及加速。 《我們的文化》厭倦傳統無趣的管理文化?想要有舞台發...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000+

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北可遠端工作


資深軟體工程師 Senior Software Engineer(Ad Network)

[About Our Team] Our develop team is free and open mind. If you are interested , you can participate in frontend , backend or devops. We like to discuss all kinds of development issues. Everyone is free to express their own ideas and opinions. The common goal of everyone is to think of ways to make the system better and more friendly.   [About The Job] You will participate in various developments on the advertising platform and understand the domain knowledge of...

Updated 22 days agoPer year TWD 900,000 ~ 1,200,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level松山區台北捷運中山國中站


Accupass活動通 資深後端主管 (Senior Back-end Team Leader)

工作內容 1. 負責Accupass活動通旗下所有產品的系統架構規劃,技術方案設計及技術團隊帶領。2. 熟悉雲端Saas平台網站維運,面對複雜業務場景及產品各式需求可快速應對。 加分項目 1. 具跨境電商網...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 75,000 ~ 100,000


WASAI Technology

【實習】C/C++/Java/Hadoop/Spark Developer

Study and Product development of Big Data platform 深入 Big Data 核心一探 Hadoop、Spark等Infrastructure & Platform技術內幕...

Updated about 1 month agoHourly TWD 140 ~ 300


POSITIVE GRID_佳格數位科技有限公司

Senior Embedded Engineer

《你會在Positive Grid做些什麼》 * 參與專業音樂訊號產品開發,軟體系統結構和驅動程式開發,打造全球超過百萬下載、備受國際知名音樂人以及專業媒體好評推薦的專業音樂解決方案(雲端服務+軟體...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 70,000+

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北可遠端工作

Alfred Labs Inc. 阿福管家 - 用舊手機做監控攝影機

電腦視覺與機器學習研究員 CV/ML Researcher

1. Facilitate the adoption of computer-vision related machine learning/deep learning technologies in the product 2. Train/Fine-tune models to meet productization requirements and optimize execution performance on devices 3. Evaluate/Experiment ML/DL/CV related new technologies/models/services which have potential synergies with current product offerings 4. Build prototypes or proof-of-concepts demos on Android or embedded platforms 5. Co-work with other development team members in to develop and deploy ML/DL technologies in...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 120,000

Full-timeEntry level台北


Software Engineer 軟體工程師

Responsibilities1. Develop and maintain software components in Gogoro Energy Service.2. Develop and maintain backend services for Gogoro Energy Service.3. Work closely with Design and Firmware teams.4. Support the operation of Gogoro Energy Network.5. Survey, evaluate and adopt new technologies.Requirements1. 3+ years of experience developing software components/applications.2. Familiar with C/C++, C#, Java, Python.3. Familiar with creating software documents/diagrams.4. Experience in developing Windows .NET/WPF/UWP applications...

Updated 3 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 85,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level


(senior) unreal engineer [經常出差可開拓眼界]

使用Unreal Engine 1. 以C++與Blueprint, 實作各項互動介面功能 2. 與美術協同製作表演時使用的虛擬人, 場景, 特效 操作Motion Capture裝置(可能需要出差至中國或其他國家) 3. 與表演者合作, 對裝置進行校正, 並即時控...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 50,000 ~ 75,000

Full-timeEntry level台灣台北大安區

Alfred Labs Inc. 阿福管家 - 用舊手機做監控攝影機

Embedded Software Engineer 嵌入式軟體工程師

We are hiring an embedded software engineer! Instead of calling Alfred a mobile app, you may as well think of Alfred as a piece of embedded software that controls devices. Essentially, we put the software in the form of an app in smartphones so that we can use them as security cameras! To achieve this is no small feat. We use a blend of languages including Swift, Java, C language, and ARM assembly to control from CPU to GPU. We...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 70,000 ~ 140,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


(Senior) Machine Learning/AI Engineer機器學習工程師

Experience in digital image process and computer vision (detect facial landmarks, facial expressions, …, etc.) (or)Experience in speech recognition and synthesis (lipsync, audio word2vec, …, etc.) (or)Experience in spoken content understanding and dialog systems (natural language processing, chatbot, intelligent personal assistant, …, etc.) ...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 70,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeEntry level大安區台北台灣


資深iOS app軟體工程師(BGO)

*在BGO你將和一群不同專業的人 討論、設計、思考  打造一個嶄新的Cloud Mobile Apps 。 專業需求:* 具備敏捷軟體開發團隊所需要之協作開發、測試能力及溝通技巧。* 具物件導向程式設計之能力,至少1.5年的實...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 70,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台灣台北內湖區內湖科技園區

POSITIVE GRID_佳格數位科技有限公司

Senior C++ Software Engineer

● 以打造世界一流高品質專業音樂處理軟體為目標,開發Windows & Mac平台上的軟體產品● 與具備深厚經驗的產品開發與設計團隊合作,帶領專業研發團隊進行軟體開發● 制定高效能與擴充性之軟...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 60,000+

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北可遠端工作


[107年度研發替代役] Audio DSP 數位聲學演算法工程師 I (DSP Algorithm and Acoustics)

職務說明 1. Develop and improve innovative audio algorithm which enhance speaker and headphone listening experience 2. Algorithm simulation on C, matlab or any available scientific computation platform.3. Micro-controller firmware integration and maintenance 4. Anechoic room audio quality measurement on circuitry, microphone, speaker and system performance on frequency response, THD, crosstalk 5. Responsible of technical article and product SPEC writing6. State-of-the-art sound technology competition analysis and market survey7. Collaborate with APP/back-end...

Updated 6 months ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

HyperBot Studio

VR Developer

Seeking VR Developer We’re looking for a talented programmer in C++/C# for short term full time contract work. You'll be expected to work with industry tools and game engines to create a wide range of compelling and immersive experiences for VR/AR/Theme Park installations and more! Responsibilities Work with different disciplines artists, designers and other programmers to produce VR games and applications within schedule timelinePerformance optimizationMaintain active communication with the teamDemonstrate enthusiasm and...

Updated about 2 months agoMonthly TWD 45,000 ~ 60,000

ContractMid-Senior level台灣台北


[2018校園徵才] Application Development Engineer

【一加Application Development工程師的日常】在OnePlus的Application Development工程師,從SystemUI到Launcher,致力於讓使用者享受前所未有的流暢體驗,像Email、日曆、簡訊、地圖、瀏覽器、電話簿等,打造設備的核心APP。在 OnePlus,你可以看到一個國際級的產品從...

Updated 3 months agoPer year TWD 700,000 ~ 800,000

Full-timeEntry level台北台灣南港軟體園區


代徵 / Open System Engineer (系統工程師)

【公司簡介】・資本金4億5千萬日圓,員工數500名・主要業務:各式IT系統設計、開發、性能改善等等・國內分公司6間,海外據點為泰國及越南【工作地點】日本東京(總社/分社/客戶處)【工作內容】1. 依...

Updated 6 months agoPer year JPY 4,000,000 ~ 6,000,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


Android Engineer - 工具產品

1、基于Android平台進行産品開發; 2、獨立完成客戶端軟件需求的整理和軟件的設計; 3、能按照項目計劃,按時提交高質量的代碼,完成開發任務; 4、手機軟件開發技術方面的評估以及可行性方面的分...

Updated 4 months ago

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北


代徵 / 日商System Engineer (系統工程師)


Updated 6 months agoPer year JPY 3,000,000 ~ 6,300,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北

微程式資訊 Microprogram


用力地投遞履歷! Join Us 微程式資訊! 1. 產品∕專案相關嵌入式設備(Embedded Linux)進行應用程式開發 2. 精通C、C++程式設計3. 具Linux 程式開發與網路程式撰寫4. 對產品∕專案進行問題協調追蹤與排除&系統...

Updated 2 months agoMonthly TWD 30,000 ~ 45,000

Full-timeEntry level台中


[2018校園徵才] Android System Engineer


Updated 3 months agoPer year TWD 700,000 ~ 800,000

Full-timeEntry level台北台灣南港軟體園區