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梁賦康 (Foo-Hong, Leong)

Skills • Languages: Python • DataBases: MySQL, SQLite • Infrastructure tools: Github • Machine learning libraries: TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit-learn • Data visualization tools: Power BI, Seaborn and Matplotlib • Deployment: Streamlit Summary I have been working in Motor Manufacturing Industry for 8 years. My first programming was going to my Bachelor's degree, C++ was the first program I learned. Then I started to learn Python in 2018 at TEDU and my first project was the Stock Trend Prediction by CNN. I kept using Python to implement web crawling, OOP, and Pandas in my job, intend to let my work become more automated. I used those techniques to automate the data-gathering problem, which shorten the existing progress duration. I'm very passionate about Data Scientist and Machine Learning.
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