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I'm a easy-going, responsible person and also having positive attitude when facing difficult situation. I ever asked from my leader to build on a manpower saving project and lead it to execute. In the period of project execution, all project team suffer the resource shortage. But we work it together to conquer that and saving 40% manpower finally. I also enjoy communicating with people. Since it make me to practice relationships handling and apply it when I work between cross-department in the future. Programming is another direction that I keep working hard to advance myself. I have experience in Java, Python, C#, Delphi and Golang. When I worked in Corel, Python is the programming solution to build on a auto testing platform to helping reducing repetitive and complex procedure. Delphi and C# are using in my current job (TSMC), we used this two solutions to apply different user request to make production line can operate more smoothly. I will practice to study Golang when I leave office. I think learning Golang can make me have different direction to solve request. I also having PMP (Project Management Professional Certification) and also three years project management experience when I work in Corel and also using it in TSMC request solving. Specialties: - Project Management - Software Engineering - Software Debugging - Software Testing - Java, Python, C#, Delphi and Golang
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