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Machine Learning Scientist (hidden)


1. Use machine learning and analytical techniques to build prediction model for advertising solutions.
2. Experience in analyzing and extracting valuable information from large amounts of business data
3. Design, develop and test advanced models for predictive consumer behavior
4. Co-operate with software engineering teams to drive real-time model implementations and new feature creations
5. Design efficient, scalable, automated processes for large scale data analyses, model development, model validation and model implementation
6. Research and evaluate pioneering machine learning and statistical model



1. Master or Ph.D. in Machine Learning, Math or Statistics. (Familiar with probabilistic model predictive models) 2. Solid experience in system design and programming, ability to work with big data with minimal engineering support 3. 3+ year experience in data mining, algorithms, statistical analysis, computational NLP and/or machine learning 4. Proven ability of solving challenging problems in both academia and industry 5. Extensive publication experience 6. Self-motivation and an ability to priorities multiple competing challenges in a fast-growth environment Other: 1. Thinking about thinking; meta-cognition 2. Applying past knowledge to new situations 3. Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision 4. Finding humor 5. Remain open to continuous learning


Pokeguide - Machine Learning Specialist

We are looking for a talented hands-on machine learning expert, especially in Deep Learning, NLP or Supervised Learning on Pokeguide App. The candidate is able to develop algori...

台灣雪豹科技 - 人工智慧/機器學習專家

1. 開發機器/深度學習應用於 Mobile Security。 2. 運用機器/深度學習於 Personalized Recommendation。 3. 研究分析移動安全與機器學習等論文及其相關模型及應用。

Deep Force Inc. - Software Engineer

• Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain and improve software. • Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables. • Perform implementation reviews, advocate ne...

Umbo CV Inc. - Oddball Computer Vision / Machine Learning Wizard

1. Develop and implement vision algorithms to power Umbo camera's “smart” features