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Project Manager 專案經理


The task at hand?
1. Lead and manage all internal cross-functional teams during the project lifecycle for all Brand projects. This includes brand creative, social content, digital content, digital builds, and events.
2. Liaise with finance, operations and legal teams on project and client needs
3. Communicate directly with clients around budget, timelines, process & deliverables.
4. Lead and schedule necessary project-related meetings such as kickoffs, brainstorms, and deliverable reviews
5. Responsible for Scope of Work task, timeline, and budget development
6. Provide mentorship to junior members of the team
7. Responsible for all vendor agreements and other contract documents.
8. Report to the Account Director on resourcing, budgeting, and revenue realization


The ideal candidate has: 1. A bachelor’s degree or entrepreneurial street cred 2. 3-5 years of experience of post-college experience managing projects, coordinating teams, and/or other planning-related duties, preferably in the digital space 3. Budget development and contract (SOW) writing experience 4. Strong communication skills 5. A strong understanding of agency processes, including creative production, paid media and digital builds – interest in optimizing those processes is a strong plus 6. A cool, calm and collected approach to problem solving 7. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment 8. Strong self-awareness and people-management skills 9. Understanding of relevant social media platforms and their requirements


Digital Designer 數位設計師

軟體:1. 精通 Photoshop-去背、合成、產品換色2. 精通 Illustrator-繪製插畫、設計包裝跟品牌 LOGO3. 熟悉 InDesign-書冊排版偶爾所需加分能力:1. 影片後製或特效製作 (Premiere , Final Cut ProX , After Effect , Motion)2. 使用 Wordpress 架設網站3...

Performance Media Analyst 成效廣告分析師

General Qualifications1. You’re perfomance driven and analytically minded2. You can balance short term performance w/ long term sustainable growth3. Arbitrage is in your DNA4. Y...

Media Analyst 數位廣告分析師

Responsibilities:1. Setup and daily management of advertising campaigns across various digital platforms2. Ongoing, real-time optimization of live media to ensure client goals a...

Account Executive 客戶執行

The tasks at hand:1. We’ll look to you to develop and execute campaigns that integrate seamlessly with the client’s broader marketing strategy, which will require knowledge of t...

eCommerce Strategist 電商策略經理

The task at hand:1. Work closely with eCommerce team leadership on Strategy and Delivery of eCom proposals and programs2. Own day to day client communications3. Formulate recomm...


創業家兄弟 - 電子商務網站產品經理/網站產品副理

1. 負責網站系統規劃,設計一流的網站操作介面及內部使用流程(web / app)2. 內部後台工具,流程優化3. 網站機制、UI/UX 的持續改善,給消費者更好的使用者經驗,您會與團隊的工程師及設計師密切的合作,於最短時間讓新機制上線4. 內部流程的改善。規劃和設計內部的工作流程機制,讓團隊有最佳的生產力

Intowow Innovation - Product Manager

Responsibilities Include: Product management leads the integration of engineering, data science, and design to achieve the Intowow commitment to UX.

Wota 極致生活體驗 - Product Manager 日本產品經理


ucfunnel - Project/Product Manager

Project development and management Competitor and market analysis Cross team communication Project schedule coordination 薪資:50,000 - 80,000 /月

MIGO CORP 功典資訊 - Manager / Assistant Manager, Professional Services 客戶經理 / 客戶副理

1. 對精準行銷或會員經營分析充滿熱情的工作夥伴2. 與團隊一同協作,運用 Migo 數據化決策平台,引導客戶從數據化觀點發掘在會員經營上的具體問題,透過數據分析與洞察,提供對應的策略建議與行動方案,協助客戶提升優化顧客經營成效3. 客戶與專案管理: a) 負責與客戶日常溝通,準確理解客戶需求並轉化為可實施方案 b) 控制專案進度、成本及品質 ...