building information modelling services

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By Alex Janes

building information modelling services
What is BIM? BIM 3D (Building Information Modeling) is an innovative design method that allows you to form a model that contains comprehensive information about an object. When carrying out the work, the structural features of the building, the parameters of engineering networks, the characteristics of the materials used and the basic logistic indicators are taken into account. A key feature of BIM design is an integrated approach that reduces the time required to prepare documentation and increases its quality. We create projects in the next sequence The formation of an isometric model within the framework of BIM design is carried out in stages.
  • First of all our team starts preparation of primary components. It includes: Development of basic blocks - solid modules used in the formation of the assembly: window frames, door structures, railings.
  • Next is working with structural elements. Preparation of parts used in construction: piles, lintels, floor slabs, partitions. Creation of a solid or modular building foundation. In the first case, a single model is developed, in the second, an assembly.
  • At the last our specialists start to formate of an isometric projection . When the creation of BIM models is complete, it remains to put them together, having received a finished 3D object.
  • What the advantages of our company? We know that the BIM model provides a full range of data for the feasibility study. It is highly detailed and helps evaluate architectural, operational, and technological solutions. So you can choose Karno Energy team as your bim service providers that guarantees well-coordinated interaction of specialists, minimizes the risk of errors, time and financial losses and use only specialised modern software.
  • Obtaining a building permit.
  • Development of the potential of a land plot or reconstruction object.
  • Design of all stages, sections, of any complexity.
  • Approval of thearchitectural and urban planning appearance.
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