The King of Price Hill Craig Hockenberry Annual Price Hill Parade crowns longtime Principal Craig Hockenberry was name the King of Price Hill for the annual Thanksgiving Parade through the streets of Price Hill in Cincinnati. Hockenberry and his wife were crowned as royalty before the start of the parade at Western Hills High School. The tradition has been in place for many years and is a fun day for the community of Price Hill which is the where Craig Hockenberry and his wife live. Mr. Hockenberry is the longtime principal of Oyler School located in Lower Price Hill where it has grown from a K-6 school to a PRE-K-12 Community Learning Center (CLC). Craig Hockenberry led the transformation with the help of amazing partnership forged by the Community Learning Center Institute. The school has been the center of the community learning center model and has put many services in place for our cities most vulnerable populations. Craig Hockenberry was at Oyler from 1998 through 2012 and has developed many private-public partnerships. Hockenberry is no stranger to the parade as he has not missed one for more than 20 years and has arranged for Oyler students to take part in the part several time. “It is a fun, day for all and it certainly allows me to have a little fun at home with the kids and my family where I get to remind them that I’m KING!” Craig Hockenberry grew up in Northeastern Ohio in the small town of Malvern. After graduating from high school in 1990, he was recruited to play football at the College of Mount St. Joseph. He was part of the school’s first football team and played for legendary Coach, John Pont. After graduating from Mount St. Joseph in 1995 with an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, Craig immediately began teaching at Roosevelt School in the Cincinnati Public School system. During his short time at Roosevelt, he attended night school at Xavier University, receiving a graduate degree in Educational Administration. He then enrolled at the University of Cincinnati where he began work on his Ph.D. in Urban Education.
Published: February 22, 2021
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