genderless fashion labels in Australia

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genderless fashion labels in Australia

A growing list of genderless fashion labels in Australia

A growing list of genderless fashion labels in Australia

The future of fashion is unisex. 

The demand for genderless fashion is increasing as we embrace the fluidity of gender more and more as a society. With so many experiences of gender out there, why should we be relegated to clothes that conform to such a limited binary of menswear and womenswear?

Of course, the blurring of gender lines is nothing new in fashion. What is somewhat new is our wider societal conversations about gender identity and expression, and our greater understanding of the arbitrary and often harmful effects of a rigid male/female divide. 

Keep up to date with ethical designers over at our Fashion section. 

Whether you’re leaning into your androgynous side or feel genuinely uncomfy in clothes that reinforce the gender binary, you deserve the best local, sustainable, ethically produced pieces out there, and hopefully, this list helps you find them.

People who aren’t cisgender are often overlooked by the mainstream fashion industry, so investing in brands like these can be a powerful way to vote with your dollars, too.

Just a quick note: fashion tends to throw around ‘genderless’, ‘gender neutrality’, ‘androgyny’ and ‘unisex’ somewhat interchangeably (which I’ve definitely done here), but I just want to acknowledge that these can mean quite different things. For my purposes, these terms serve to signify that the clothes are designed to be inclusive of all gender identities and expressions.


Founded in 2016 by designer and screen printer Gemma Threadgate, her eponymous label is centred around creating practical objects and pieces for practical people. Offering a mix of clothing, bags and homewares in its signature prints, Threadgate is casual yet effortlessly cool.

All is a Gentle Spring

Noting a varied range of inspirations – the renaissance era, theatre and medieval warfare – All is a Gentle Spring designer Isabelle Hellyer wants to create clothing with extravagance. Judging by her latest release of a mesh, tapestry-esque unitard, I’d say she’s achieving it. Beautifully designed and a little magical, Isabelle’s pieces are ‘special occasion’ (or not, the grocery store works too).


For a monochrome moment, Nonplus shouldn’t be overlooked. Designers Maurice Terzini and Gareth Moody came together to create moody, androgynous looks they call ‘sea-punk’. Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Nonplus is focused on sharp tailoring and quality textiles.

Charles LeBrun

Charles LeBrun is inspired by “basketball and inclusiveness” and its genderless range treads the line between streetwear and activewear. Designed and made in Melbourne, the comfy, breathable fabrics sit right and feel right on a range of body types.

Jarrod Reid

Jarrod Reid is the Melbourne designer label crafting architectural silhouettes that push the boundary of the gender binary. From voluminous bubble sleeves to full-body pleating, daring designs have become a signature for the eponymous label.

genderless fashion labels in Australia
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Published: Oct 1st 2022



fashion labels in Australia