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Suremed - 醫療人工皮形象電商官網Suremed - Medical Artificial Skin Image E-commerce Official Website

By Crystal Chiang, August 19, 2019

Suremed - 醫療人工皮形象電商官網
Translated by GoogleShow original (zh-TW) 利用 openCart 來搭建此電商網站,再依照客戶的需求去設計與規劃網站的呈現。 另為了避免客戶後台操作過程過於繁瑣,二次修改了原始碼雨後台,簡化了客戶維運網站時的步驟。
Https:// Use openCart to build this e-commerce website, and then design and plan the website according to the needs of customers. In addition, in order to avoid the cumbersome process of the customer's background operation, the original code rain background was modified twice, which simplifies the steps when the customer maintains the website.

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