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VR體感風扇VR body fan

By 傅弘陽, June 13, 2019

Translated by GoogleShow original (zh-TW)
以使用無線網路控制9台風扇 配合VR內容使用增加沉浸感 使用Arduino + esp8266 配合自製電路控制風扇(非PWM風扇) 自製Unity Plugin可單獨/自定義群組 無段控制每顆風扇的轉速0~100% 可配合IOT Server做權限控管
Use the wireless network to control 9 fans with VR content to increase immersion using Arduino + esp8266 Control the fan with a self-made circuit (non-PWM fan) The self-made Unity Plugin can control the speed of each fan from 0 to 100% in a separate/custom group. Can cooperate with IOT Server for permission control

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