wei-chi wen/Vicky

Music Teacher
[email protected]

Work Experience

Xanterra Travel Collection, Kitchen Crew, Jun 2019 ~ Sep 2019

After graduated, I applied to work in the United States, and choose a service industry that is totally different from my major. It just stems from a simple but firm determination, "I have to participate in service industry in my life, even just a few month! "Not only I can strengthen my empathy by serving people, more important is that I can learn how to deal with any problems may happen in custormers kindly.

Nature Musician Band, Cellist, Aug 2015 ~ Jun 2019

Since I was 17 years old, I became a musician and went to various corporation events and wedding performances in Taiwan. Therefore, my personality is brave and not afraid of stage, and I also learn the skills of communication with clients.

Tai He Learning School, Piano Teacher, Jul 2016 ~ Oct 2018

I have been teaching in music classroom for more than three years. The age range is from little children to adults. I am very happy to observe and understand the personality and ideas of each age-group.


Tainan University of Technology, Bachelor’s Degree, Music & Cello, 2012 ~ 2019

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