Yu Chiao Chung

[Android] 遊戲App專題-Oceanarium[Android] Game App Feature - Oceanarium

By Yu Chiao Chung on February 11, 2019

[Android] 遊戲App專題-Oceanarium
Translated by GoogleShow original (zh-TW)
橫向跑酷類遊戲,以Android Studio原生開發。 負責:障礙物生成設計、背景關卡的移動及設計、圖鑑設計及配置。 Demo影片: https://youtu.be/leCCB0chbUE
Horizontal parkour game, native development with Android Studio. Responsible for: obstacle generation design, background level movement and design, illustration design and configuration. Demo video: https://youtu.be/leCCB0chbUE

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