YiChong Li

Remarkable Blockchain Developer

  Shenyang, Liaoning, China

Tel:  (+86) 15604034323

Gmail: [email protected]

Outlook: [email protected]

  I am passionate about new-age technology.

  I care about most things that express value and uniqueness and smart contract development is one of them.

  My curiosity and enthusiasm fuel me to learn and try new things, allowing me to keep up to date in technology.

And I look forward to working in challenging environments.

In smart contract development side:

- Familiar with ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, BEP20 token on Ethereum, BSC, Solana.

- Familiar with FungibleToken, NonFungibleToken & FlowToken standards on Flow Blockchain.

- Good experience in compound protocol, AMM, CPMM, Uniswap, Pancake swap.

- Have the way with truffle, openzeppelin-cli and hardhat

My main technology is as follows:

✓ Smart contract development for DeFi.

✓ Developing RPC using client libraries such as Web3.

✓ Securing smart contracts using libraries like OpenZeppelin.

✓ Developing Ethereum dApps using Truffle framework.

✓ Integration with crypto wallets such as Metamask.

✓ Upgradeable Smart contract development using OpenZeppelin-cli and Truffle.

✓ Token transferring using AMB.

✓ Developing and Deploying smart contract on Solana network using Rust and Anchor framework 

✓ Developing Computer Vision apps(Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) using OpenCV

✓ Developing Desktop app using C++/C#/Python

✓ Developing Mobile apps(Android & iOS) using Java and Swift.

✓ Developing Unity Native plugin

✓ Developing Unity Game with smart contract

✓ Developing Back-end using Laravel,  Node.js and Django(python)

✓ Developing Front-end using React and Vue.

Work Experience

April 2021 - Present

Solidity developer and Dapp developer


My latest projects:
- DeFi & NFT: https://www.kingswap.io/
- NFT & Unity Game: https://hatchypocket.com/
- NFT: https://shibasocietynft.com/

July 2019 - March 2021

Smart Contract developer

CBE China Blockchain Expert 中国区块链专家

- Development smart contract on ETH, BSC, Polygon, Phantom, Atom, Ethereum Lite, Tron, Harmony, Klayton(new), Avalanche and Solana
- NFT protocols, DEFI protocols, Lending and Yield farming protocols.
- DAPP integration
- Token transferring from ethereum mainnet to xdai using AMB
- DeFi service (dex, lending/borrowing platforms) development
- Token ICO Presale 

August 2017 - June 2019

Senior Software Engineer

Shenyang JUNJIE ZHUOYUE Software Technology Company

- The back-end development using Laravel.
- The back-end development using Django and Flask.
- Over 10 OpenCV apps development(Window, Mac, Android & iOS)

April 2015 - July 2017

Junior Software Engineer

Shenyang XINXIN Computer Technology co., ltd.

Main development directions:
- Desktop application development by using MFC(C++), win32, Qt and C#.
- Mobile application has AI features(Human posture detection, face detection, recognition) development.

My Top Projects

Smart contract development, Full stack development, mobile app development and PC app development.

Video Studio for Kids

Content: This program is video creator tool like video studio for kids. 

This application supports various Video, audio, subtitle, clip and frame effects.

Used Tech: OpenCV, FFmpeg

Programming Language:  C++(MFC)

Fancy Frenchies

Content: This project is NFT project based on Solana network.

Used Tech: NFT(Solana network)

Programming Language: Rust.



Content: This project is NFT market and mint place.

Used Tech: NFT(Solana network)

Programming Language: Rust


Shiba Society

Content: This project is NFT project.

I developed Smart contract(NFT) and Front-end(React-Typescript).

Used Tech: Solidity and React.js

Programming Languages: solidity and Typescript 


King Wallet

Content: This wallet is for king token and other tokens.

I developed this wallet as Android & iOS version.

This app has all features(send, swap and buy) like trustwallet.

Used Tech: Flutter.

Programming Languages:  Flutter.


Content :  This project is based on Uniswap.

This project includes NFT and DeFi main functions.

Used Tech:  Token transferring from eth mainnet to xdai using AMB.(upgradeable smart contract)

Program Language:  Solidity


Car Counting app for CCTV,

Drone Camera

Content:  This program is to count cars through specify road. 

Fast counting feature and correct statistics

Used Tech: OpenCV

Program Language:  C++

Serial Number Service

Content:  This web service is to supply serial number to users. 

This service are configured Admin panel and MFC(Client) program. 

This service has real chatting function. 

Used Tech:  Multi-threading, Laravel

Programming Languages:  MFC(C++), PHP, MySQL


Virtual Try On Service

Content:  This service is to implement Virtual Try on feature in Clothes Shopping. 

Due to COVID19, a lot of people stay home and they're afraid of moving anywhere. So, this service helps them to buy clothes safely without real shopping. 

Used Tech:  Django, Tensorflow, OpenCV

Programming Language:  Python

Object Counting

Content:  This program is to count cells from photo. 

This idea started from Covid19 vaccine container. 

This program has background remove algorithm and counting cell algorithm. 

Used Tech:  OpenCV

Programming Language:  Python

Medical Program(CT image processing)

Content:  This program is to generate 3D view from 2D CT photos. Current app is windows app but I can develop mobile app.(Android & iOS). 

Used Tech: OpenCV

Programming Language: Python

Human Posture Mobile app

Content: This mobile app is to measure human's posture. 

This app detect human's posture and analyses automatically.

Used Tech: OpenCV, Tensorflow

Programming Languages: Java(android), iOS(object-C)

Screen Recorder

Content: This program is to capture desktop and audio like Bandicam. 

The pros of this program is to add customer's watermark to output video.

Used Tech: OpenCV, FFmpeg

Programming Language: C++(MFC).

Third Login and Payment

Content:  This plugin supports third login(Wechat, QQ, Weibo) and third pay(Alipay, wechat) in Unity mobile app development.

Used Tech:  Unity mobile app native plugin, Integration C# and Java & Object-C.

Programming Languages: C#, Java, Object-C



  • Solidity
  • C/C++/C#
  • Rust
  • Java / Kotlin
  • Swift / Object-C
  • Laravel
  • OpenCV
  • Python / Django
  • Javascript / Typescript / React.js / Vue.js


  • Chinese
  • English
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