Chen Chun-Po (陳俊伯)

Data Engineer 

Master’s Degree with AI Thesis (IEEE TNNLS'22 Under Review) | 5+ years in System Analysis | Cloud-Native | Win-win Communication

Contact: [email protected]


Data Engineer

  • Python
  • PyTorch
  • Scikit-learn
  • C#
  • ETL

System Analysis

  • Linux
  • Docker/Kubernetes/GCP
  • SQL
  • RestfulAPI


Thesis: SensingGAN: A Lightweight GAN for Real-time Rain Removal with Self-attention (IEEE TNNLS'22 Under Review)

SensingGAN can effectively sense objects and rain like humans, and restore the details of objects to satisfy the high safety and efficiency requirements of autonomous vehicles. It increases Object Detection accuracy by 3% in rain-in-driving. In comparison with classical de-raindrop GAN, FPS is improved by 13 times (10 ms).
- Skills: GAN, Python, Pytorch, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Linux
- Github:

MOST Smart Grids Project - Leader (With 2 Members) 

Constructing a Decentralized Wholesale Electricity Market using Blockchain. Taking the predicted power generation/demand as inputs, using Smart Contract for Market Clearing Price and power distribution to save 17.68% cost and fair distribution.
- Skills: LSTM, Python, Kubernetes, Blockchain, Smart Contract

Civil IoT Datathon - Finals - Keep Breathing

With Chiayi City Government, we developed an APP for road running runner/organizer management, integrating IoT devices to monitor heart pulse (HRV) and air pollution (PM2.5) hazards, and responding to risks in advance. My responsibilities include System Analysis, Medical Paper Research.
- Skills: ConvLSTM, Swift, C, Arduino, Firebase

Smart Pandemic System

With Chung Cheng University for Covid-19 prevention, combining face recognition and body temperature sensing for access control. Responsible for linking FLIR thermal SDK to calculate body temperature and determine whether to alert.
- Skills: C#, FLIR Thermal SDK, SQL Lite
- News: 防疫最前線臺灣與印度海外科研中心 攜手創造合作新契機

Work Experience

Software Engineer

Cathay United Bank  •  June 2015 - Mar. 2018

IT: Communicating with users, and relevant IT departments. Developing reliable systems and APIs according to Spec.
- Participate in Projects: IFRS 9 Financial Instruments, Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
- Maintain/Develop Systems: Stock/Futures Settlement, Singapore Currency Large Amount Notification, Forex System for Traders
- Skills: C#, VBA,, MS SQL, WCF Web Service, IIS, RabbitMQ, Scrum

Software Engineer

China Economic News Service (CENS)  •  Oct. 2012 - June 2015

IT: Improving UI/UX/system efficiency. Provid reports for decision-making.
- Maintain/Develop Systems: B2B Supplier Recommendation Official Web, B2B Buyer and Promotion-mail, AD Sales, HR, Industry News
- Optimize SEO/UI/UX with the marketing team for marketing effectiveness
- Skills: ASP, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, MySQL, IIS, SEO, Google Analytics


National Chung Cheng University

Master's Degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering  •  2019 - 2021

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor's Degree, Information Management  •  2007 - 2011


Agile: Reduced Waste, Continuous Learning. This is the spirit I like. Reducing redundant designs and dependencies allows me to focus on business tasks and details when developing software, and continuously learn new concepts to meet the rapidly changing environment.

Win-win thinking is the key to cross-departmental communication. We clarify needs with Business Units, reduce cognitive gaps and find win-win solutions. Agile and Win-win are suitable for a profession like Software Development that focuses on detail-oriented and a lot of communication.

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