Ari Zhong(Ming-Hong Zhong)

Software Engineer

3 years+ of software development experience. Good at Mobile App development. Specialize in Flutter and Android App and have experience in iOS projects. Also had experience in software /hardware integration and backend development.

  New Taipei City, Taiwan  +886 935 067 722     



   Android       Flutter       IOS        Xamarin 


   .NET Frameworks      MS SQL  


   Git      Android Studio      Code      Visual Studio


Senior System Engineer
(short-term contractor)

BluePlanet Technology

Taipei Digital Innovation Office

Nov. 2020 -  Apr. 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Use Flutter to develop Mobile Apps.(Dart、Bloc、ProviderPlatform-Specific Code)
  2. Maintain and develop Android Projects.(Kotlin)
  3. Maintain and develop iOS Projects.(Swift)
  4. Cooperate with UI/UX team to optimize products.

Software Engineer


R&D Department

Mar. 2019 -  Nov. 2020
Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Integrate software and hardware according to project requirements, and develop in time.
  2. Maintain and develop Android Projects.(Kotlin、Java)
  3. Use Flutter to develop Mobile Apps.
  4. Cooperate with UI/UX team to optimize products.
  5. Use Xamarin develop Androd App(Xamarin Navtive、C#)
  6. Product testing and modification.

Software Engineer

School of Continuing Education, Chinese Culture University.

R&D Department 

Dec. 2017 - Mar. 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

  1. Building the system architecture according to project requirements, and develop in time.
  2. Cooperate with UI/UX team to optimize products.
  3. Combine AI technology and integrate into product  functions.(Azure、Google Cloud)
  4. Develop and maintain the IOT Backend.(.NET FrameworksMS SQL Server)
  5. Maintain and develop Android Projects.(Kotlin、Java)
  6. Use Xamarin develop Androd App.(Xamarin Navtive、C#)
  7. Product testing and modification.


2014 - 2016

University of Taipei

Computer Science(MS)

Thesis: GA-SVM Classifying Method Applied to Dynamic Action Evaluation of Taekwondo
Conference: GA-SVM classifying method applied to dynamic evaluation of taekwondo (2016 ICAMSE)

2010 - 2014

University of Taipei

Computer Science(BS)

Director of Guitar Club
Chief Equipment Officer of Guitar Club
Vice Director of Mass Communication Club

Projects and Products

Taipei Gov Project -
Taipei Coupon Scanner

Taipei Coupon Scanner is a convenient app for store to verify the coupon from customer. The shopkeeper  can use the app to scan the coupon or show the QRcode of store. The keeper also can check the transaction history easily.

Framework:  Flutter(Dart、ProviderPlatform-Specific Code)

Platform: Android and iOS

Development Time2021, about 2 months

Taipei Gov Project -
Digit Village Office Scanner

The extension toolkit of  Digit Village Office. Use mobile phone camera and NFC function to scan ID Card, health ID card or Taipei Pass to achive function extension and disperse crowd. Use Flutter to deploy dual-platform apps for rapid development and easy maintenance.

Framework: Flutter(Dart、BlocPlatform-Specific Code)

Platform: Android and iOS

Development Time2020, about 3 months

Taipei Gov Project -
Digit Village Office

The Digit Village Office is a convenient and intelligent system for village office in Taipei. The officer  can use the system with ID Card, health ID card or Taipei Pass to speed up the administrative process. The platform uses iPad with card reader modules (NFC, IC Card) which is an integrated application of software and hardware.

Tools: XCode

Platform iOS(Swift)

Development Time2020, about 3-4 months


Taipei Gov Project - myCode

The real-name registration app is in response to COVID-19. Use phone camera to scan the public ID card or personal QR code to achieve real-name registration quickly.

Tools: Android Studio

Platform: Android(Kotlin、MVVM LiveData)

Development Time2020, about 2 months



Taipei Gov Project -
Mobile Office

The Mobile Office is the integration system of software and hardware. By using this system, Employee pick a seat, clock in, clock out and make reservations for meeting room. After selecting a seat, the employ's name with extension number of the will sync to the Eink tag and phone of the seat.

Tools: Visual Studio

Framework: .NET(WPF、C#)

Development Time: 2020, about 3-4 months


Intelligent Room Assistant

Develop the functions of intelligent room assistant, including access control, room schedule, room info, room rental, equipment control, meeting sign-in, voice calls... and so on. The customized hardware is equipped with DIO Port, NFC, Camera, Eink, Touch Screen, WiFi, Bluetooth... etc. All the functions are developed in cooperation with customized hardware.

Tools: Visual Studio

Platform: Xamarin.AndroidC#

Development time: 2018 to present
The video of face recognition:

Intelligent Teaching Assistant

Developed the intelligent teaching assistant app to help teachers in classrooms, and apply AI and IOT technology to control classroom equipments and implant voice assistants.

Tools: Android Studio

Platform: Android(Kotlin、Java)

Development time: 2018, about 4 months

Building IoT Platform

The backend API service for air conditioning and lighting control in the buildings.

Tools: Visual StudioSwagger

Platform: .NET Frameworks(C#)、MS SQL

Protocol: Modbus、BACnet

Development time: 2018, about 3 months

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