陳芃憶|Penny Chen


Mainly responsible for client servicing and project managing.

Communication with client to identify specific requirements and work towards achieving the same.

Inter department communication for creative content development, production, budgeting and execution from proposal right up to delivery and making sure the whole presentation can meet (and hopefully exceed) client's expectations.

Being responsible for all project details from start to finish, especially time management.

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Account Executive,2019年05月-在職中

  • Clients: Sodastream、Škoda、PizzaHut
  • 【Project management】:Mainly responsible for the schedule of the project and manage the progress of each project to ensure it can be launched in time, and assist the collaborative departments in understanding the product on the agency side in order to produce the most attractive works for consumers.
    The types of projects I have executed include own media community operations, TV commercial, offline activities, event website development , Key Opinion Leader cooperation, digital project, print production.
  • 【Own Media operation】:Assist to find a strong angle between products and the contents that consumer are interested in. Within six months, the FB followers have grown by nearly 5,000, and the IG followers have increased by about 3,000.
  • 【Offline events planning】:Brand promotion events, press conferences for new car launching. Coping with the needs of all parties and eliminate problems at any time.
  • 【Key opinion leader cooperation】:Cultivate influencers and KOLs to produce high-quality content in terms of specific target categories. 
  • 【Video production】:Assist client to develop the video content that can reach the most discussion in the community, and cooperate with famous online media named Ettoday. In just five days, the film received more than 800 positive reviews and more than 500 sharing and forwarding.  The video has became the client's annual representative production. 
  • 【Strategic Plan】:Support the strategic planning (from competitors aiming, user segmentation, informing relevant data and insights)

Social Marketing Specialist,2018年07月-2019年3月

  • Client:KFC、Windows、 Ovaltine、Unicharm、Macau Government Tourist Office、I'm MEME
  • 【Own media content development】:Assist to operate fan page, LINE official account, plan online activities on content, advertising planning, customer complaint , and greatly increase the volume of brand community discussions. Continually optimize material behavior through data analysis and effectively reduce the blocking rate of LINE friends.
  • 【Online celebrities project】:Develop digital marketing strategies, assist clients to find the most suitable online celebrity candidates, arrange subsequent cooperation and communication matters, and have worked on video, posts. Have cooperated with well-known celebrities such as Joeman, 壹加壹 , 見習網美小吳陳彥婷 , 一隻阿圓 and 夏曼娣 etc .
  • 【Competitive brand analysis】:Assist Unicharm in observing the operation of competing products, and produce quarterly analysis of online marketing activities. The ability of data compiling and analysis is well recognized by clients.
  • Success Case:Active KFC fan page discussion rate by creative content. Control message response timely to consolidate consumer's loyalty and reduce the proportion of customer complaints. The leading community planning has attracted nearly 1,000 comments to interact in a short time. It earned the client trust to get more community projects for the company.

E-commerce Social Marketing Intern, 2017年 11 月 - 2018 年 5 月


  • 【Seeding for suitable KOL】: Seed for suitable KOLs for different marketing topics such as workout or fashion projects, and help brands maintain a good relationship with KOLs.

  • 【Video production】:plan the film theme, shooting, editing. Have produced up to six hairstyle tutorial videos during the half-year internship.


Graphic design

design ability help me communicate effectively with the design department through reference examples

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Photo shooting
  • Lightroom
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With short film planning ability.

It can effectively discuss script with Youtuber or production department, and I can assist editing if necessary

  • premiere

Digital Marketing

  • Instagram Story editing
  • Google Analytics  

Social show case

KFC fan page 

Fan groups ’ negative comments have been significantly reduced. The number of autonomous diffusion and post interaction has increased, and post cases have repeatedly appeared on the well-known social marketing society such as: 廣告素材金點賞

  • creative angle development
  • complaints response
  • Advertising planning
  • Monthly result tracking
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other cases

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Client: KFC 

LINE official account manage 

Project case

KFC chicken bouquet for Valentine's Day

Propose to the customer and implement it online in just two weeks. On Valentine's Day, we used the brand IP to connect the other famous brand and KOLs to increase the discussion on KFC chicken bouquet instead of normal post. 


Attract more than 1,000 comments and increase the social awareness in just two days, even help a fan to  propose with her girlfriend by the bouquet.


  • Proposal 
  • Brand contact
  • KOL contact
  • Content development

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Ovaltine KOL porject

Different from the normal unboxing video, persuading client to decrease the product introduction time. Holding the offline activity to attract fan's participation, and make the KOL to introduce the product with consumers face to face. The antipathy to the client has been greatly eliminated. 

  • Contact between customer and KOL
  • Script discussion

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Škoda Viral Video

By observation of the behavior of the costumer's community, we learned that KODIAQ provide the best companion between children and parents. Inviting children to serve as a day job sales to recommend their own car with the most sincere user testimonials. 


The natural and lively performance brought more than 800 positive reviews and more than 500 sharing and forwarding in just five days.

Consumer behavior observation
Contact between Client, creative department and production 
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ŠKODA SCALA Launch campaign


After no any new car launched in the Taiwan market in 2019, SCALA, the most high expectation hatchback in 2020, will be launched soon. It is necessary to raise market attention and increase sales.


  • TV commercial 
  • Key Visual 
  • Official website & Event page
  • Social project 
  • Online Launch event 
  • Digital banner

In the first month, sales have reached 20% of customers' annual expectations.

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