Tsung Wei Huang

Current Web Full-stack Engineer at Getac, 2+ years’ experience dedicated in web full-stack development. 

Tech nerd who loves to follow up latest technologies and consumer market business activities.
Passionate about the product and love to get to understand the whole picture of it.

Front-end engineer, Web full-stack engineer
Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]



  • React/Redux/Vue
  • CSS Module/Styled Compoennt/SCSS
  • Axure RP/Adobe XD


  • ASP.NET Core 2.2
  • EF Framework/MS SQL
  • MongoDB/Azure Blob
  • MS Azure, GCP
  • JAVA (prior work experience)
  • Go (side project)


  • Git
  • JIRA/Trello
  • TOEIC: 955
  • Toefl iBT: 97

Work Experience & Projects

Getac Technology Corporation                                                           Taipei, Taiwan

WEB FULL-STACK ENGINEER – CLOUD SOLUTION TEAM                                            (Oct. 2018 – Now)

  • Getac License Platform 
    • Designed and built a web platform ensuring the legitimacy of Getac licensed software products    
    • Responsible for 100% of the responsive Single Page Application and 30% of the RESTful APIs
      • Main stacks: React, Redux, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, MSSQL, Azure Web Service
    • This platform is used by hundreds of Getac members internationally 

WEB FULL-STACK ENGINEER – ARTIFICIAL IOT TEAM                                         (Nov. 2017 – Oct. 2018)

  • Getac IoT Configuration Portal 
    • Designed and built a web portal for Getac IoT devices management 
    • Responsible for 80% of the portal UI and 60% of the RESTful APIs 
      • Main stacks: ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Entity Framework, MSSQL, Azure VM, IIS
    • More than 50,000 of Getac IoT devices are able to auto configure itself using this portal 

  • Industrial Defect Detection Solution 
    • Designed and built a cloud solution for industrial defect inspection automation 
    • Responsible for 100% of the responsive Single Page Application and 50% of the RESTful APIs 
      • Main stacks: React, Redux, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework, MSSQL, MS Blob, Azure IoT Hub, Power BI 
    • Established real-time control to the factory robotic arms 
    • Visualized manufacture pipeline defect detection rate to improve production process 
    • Represented Getac as the keynote speaker of this solution at Computex 2019 

  • US Police Real Time Command Center (RTCC) 
    • Participated in the development of a multi-windows UI for US police to oversee street IP cams in real-time using React 
    • Responsible for embedding responsive JW Player to the Web Command Center 
    • Represented Getac to participate the requirement gathering from the Police in the US 

  • Enterprise Server Security Enhancement Project 
    • Participated in the refactor development project for Getac enterprise server security enhancement 
    • Implemented software security scan and detect more than 500 vulnerabilities of existing Web APIs 
    • Fixed 25% of the vulnerable APIs following OWASP 

ANDROID ENGINEER – RUGGED SOLUTION TEAM                                               (Jul. 2017 – Nov. 2017)

  • US Military Mobile Device Management (MDM) Android App 
    • Implemented the APN functionality porting of the board supporting package (BSP) 
    • Implemented APN control and monitor in MDM application 
    • Firmware porting of Android rugged tablet’s barometer 
    • Designed and developed Android application for barometer calibration 
    • Represented Getac to gather user feedback of MDM application from military in the US 

HEARTouch                                                                                         Hsinchu, Taiwan

CO-FOUNDER & TECH LEAD – STUDENT-BASED STARTUP                                  (Feb. 2017 – Jul. 2017)

  • HEARTouch Intelligence Wristband 
    • Designed and developed smart wristband designed for couples with Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS functionalities 
    • Designed and developed the Android application for wristband pairing and locating 
    • Successfully sold 200 of the wristbands on NCTU school fair 
    • Won the NCTU Angel Funds competition


Linkoping University of Sweden, BS, Computer Science, 2016 ~ 2017

International exchange program.

National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), BS, Computer and Electrical Engineering, 

2011 ~ 2016

Robotic and computer science program.
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