My name is Pan, ChingYa, a Catholic. I graduated
from the Taipei City University of Science and Technology Computer & Communication Engineering, ranked number 1. I earned my master degree from National Taipei University of Technology. My thesis in graduate school is "An Integrated Mattress System with Turning Over Detection and Recording Mechanism". it’s about IoT and MSP430.
I have been an Electrical Engineer for 6 years.
I am responsible for the cellular module, mobile operating system, and audio circuit design. I am very familiar with various EDA tools such as Altium Designer, Cadence, Allegro and

Sr. Electrical Engineer
[email protected]


Sierra Wireless, Hardware Engineer, Apr 2020 ~ Now

Sierra Wireless Corp.
Hardware Engineer_Base Band
2020. 04 ~~ NOW

Qualcomm and SSI Platform
MDM series and ALT series products, mainly responsible for LTE CAT4 and CAT-M1 and NB-IoT module products, such as LGA type, Dongle...
1. RC76xx series Module
LTE CAT1 and CAT4 cellular LGA type module with MDM9207 SOC.
2. HL78xx series Module
LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT cellular LGA type module with SSI SOC.
The main content of the work is research and development, verification and debugging, product shipment and production, and Communicating with customers to establish specifications coordinated the requirement with a cross-functional team.
>Familiar with CMW500, Scope, and OrCAD.
>Currently mainly researching and developing IoT related products

Inventec Appliances Corporation., Sr. Electrical Engineer, Dec 2015 ~ Apr 2020

Inventec Appliances Corp.
Sr. Electrical Engineer
2015. 12 ~~ 2020. 04

1. AVNERA_ANC earphone module and Portable Co-call speaker
Those products are designed by DSP with ANC solution, In earphone modules, which
have been designed by Bluetooth function and non-Bluetooth function.
˃ ANC Module circuit design in Altium Designer (Audio DAC/ADC with HPR/L,
Bluetooth with UART and I2S, Apple identify chip with UART, I2S, and I2C).
˃ ANC Module layout design in Altium Designer.
˃ Fixture circuit designed for module function (Power consumption, Audio
signal performance with Apx515).
˃ Test Plan editing for the audio signal measure.

2. Vocera_VOIP Phone
This product is designed for doctors, medical staff members, who are cannot easily
use cellular systems but need to get emergent information immediately. In order to
get more reliable, the product uses WiFi systems replaced cellular systems to
˃ I.MX series circuit design in Orcad (Flash with SDIO, DSP Codec with I2S and
eCSPI, RF_BT/WIFI with UART and I2S, PMIC and ACC with I2C, LCD with
˃ Main PCBA layout design in Allegro.
˃ Key Component Suggestion List

3. Sonos_Wireless Speakers and Home Sound Systems (AMP, Beam, and Play: 5...)
These projects are OEM project, which is designed in the architecture of SOC, multiple
devices in the house are connected to each other wirelessly, through a wired Ethernet
network, or a mixture of the two.
˃ Gerber Review.
˃ Fixture circuit designed for CPU mainboard function (Audio signal
performance with Apx515).
˃ SA FA production line SOP review.
˃ Test Plan editing for all system functions. (DDR, I2C, Ethernet, Nand flash,
Power, Audio....)
˃ Validate for all system functions(SI, PS)
˃ Validation of 2nd source in trial run.


National Taipei University, Master, Electronic Engineering, 2013 ~ 2015

Technology,Recording Mechanism,An Integrated Mattress System

Taipei City University of Science, Bachelor, Computer & Communication Engineering, 2009 ~ 2013

Microcomputer Systems C programming,Digital & Analog,Medical Informatics

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