Company summary

We believe that one of the keys to growing business faster is to simplify advertising services into simple tools that everyone can easily use.
ADILOT focus on develope cross channel online advertising platform, help the business to manage, measure, and optimize digital campaigns across multiple channels. Our system can sync campaigns from different advertising media, simplify complex data to simple report, through technology, data-driven and data analysis to help the business make marketing decisions base on data.
The platform can also automatic control advertisement delivery and budget spend, even improve performance automatically by machine learning technology. It will easily save business costs on human resources, target more specific audience and improve paid marketing effectiveness. "

Products or services

數位廣告行銷服務 Digital advertisement service
廣告數據分析平台 cross channel advertising data analysis platform
數位廣告自動優化系統 advertising auto optimized system
即時競價服務與受眾分析 Real-Time Bidding and Audience Profiling"


We're on a mission to help paid marketers and solve business their most challenging marketing problems.

Employee benefits

勞保 / 健保 / 意外險 / 勞工退休金。
依國定假日見紅就休 / 到職滿三個月即享有10天年假 / 每月半天身體不適假(不扣薪不列入病假)
每月固定聚餐/Outing。不定期國內外旅遊 及提供辦公室免費飲料、茶點,給夥伴們隨時滿滿的精力。


1. Competitive Compensation
You will be rewarded with a competitive salary and stock options as we know your value.
2. Group Insurance
statutory insurance, You will be covered from day 1.
3. Annual Paid Leave
Plan your holidays! You will enjoy a better annual leave plan than the Labor Standards Act.
4. Fun activities
Monthly team building activities.
5. Working Environment
Free snacks and beverages, a spacious workplace with chill zones.

Work environment

宏盛IFC - Spaces (南京復興捷運站)
Hung Sheng IFC - Spaces


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