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We are an advisory firm providing services to overseas clients for public sector-related procurement projects, currently looking to fill in a Project Manager position to support and execute government-related procurement projects sourcing in Taiwan.

We are looking for an experienced mid-level project manager responsible for project planning, overseeing, and leading projects. This is a mid to senior role at an advisory organization that requires interaction with internal (Taiwan) and external (overseas market) stakeholders, representing buyers from overseas, and simultaneously managing several suppliers from Taiwan.

Key Duties:
1. Leading project planning sessions with the objective to serve buy-side clients.
2. Create several streamlined working groups consisting of representatives, including dedicated project managers of each supplier, and coordinate with the buyer and its end users according to Clients’ needs.
3. Take lead to initiate internal work processes to assist the Clients to create integrated solutions from all suitable suppliers‘ products to develop solid proposals for the Client’s end users.
4. Provide the Client with all the presentations as well as the product details produced by each supplier approved by the Client to be a potential candidate for the projects.
5. To jointly conduct the solution presentations to the end users, to collect feedback from fine-tuning the solution to end users’ satisfaction.
6. Work with suppliers on more detailed proposal documents including product architectures, lead times, implementation plans, logistics including shipping, tax-related issues, training program plans, and any other related information to the projects.
7. Manage large and diverse working groups to monitor milestones set forth in the contracts and approved by the Clients.


    1.Five or more years of experience in the IT industry.
    2.Engineering, IT, or Computer Science.
    3.Business Administration with a master’s degree.
    4.Commercial acumen.
    5.Project Management experiences using Gantt Charts and other related project management software approved by the Clients.

    1.Written and verbal communication skills in English and Mandarin.
    2.Capacity to manage high-stress solutions.
    3.Ability to multi-task and manage project elements at the same time.
    4.Detailed-oriented with good interpersonal skills (skill of conflict resolution).
    5.Bahasa working knowledge preferred.

    3 years of experience required
    600,000 ~ 750,000 TWD / year
    Optional Remote Work
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    About us

    Balius is an advisory firm that provides cross-border advisory services including financial, technical, and trade-related advisory services on behalf of corporate clients including inbound and outbound cross-border business transactions and activities. We specialize in bridging Taiwan and ASEAN markets with a focus on electrification, government-related projects, healthcare, and clean technology.