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Circles.Life is World’s first and most successful digital telco. We have a mission: to re-imagine the mobile experience for the digital consumer through our customer-centric mobile platform and disrupt the multi-trillion dollar global telco industry.

We launched our services in Singapore in 2016 and have since gained market share quickly while delivering best-in-class customer experience. Currently, Circles.Life beats all other telcos on metrics like NPS, subscriber growth, average data used per subscriber and overall customer satisfaction.
Circles.Life 是全球第一間也是目前最成功的數位通訊公司。我們致力於改變傳統對於電信通訊的想法以及經驗,藉由整合以及利用網路雲端數據提供全新的通訊平台,讓消費者對於電信有新的一層體驗。



Products or services

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)
Asia’s first fully digital telco and consumer company

Employee benefits

* Labor/Health insurance
* Pension fund
* Group insurance
* 15-day paid annual leave (and other paid leave)
* Employee Stock Option
* Performance bonus
* Weekly team lunch
* Monthly team bonding
* Gift/voucher on 3 major Chinese festival
* Gift/voucher on YOUR birthday
* Gift/voucher on YOUR important moment: get married, give birth...etc.
* Year end/Spring party
* Pantry full of snack, drink, fruit
* Rapid growth opportunity
* Stay tuned!


* 勞健保,勞退提撥(這是低標,但還是提一下)
* 團體保險 (為你及家人想得更多)
* 15 天年假 (不敢說最多,已經很領頭)
* 員工認股選擇權
* 績效獎金
* 每週一天部門午餐
* 每月一天部門活動
* 三節禮品/禮券
* 生日禮品/禮券
* 人生重大時刻禮品/禮券: 結婚,生子...等
* 尾牙/春酒
* 各式各樣免費又健康的水果,飲料,零食
* 飆速的成長機會與經驗累積



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