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Logo of Cosmic Topology Data.
Logo of Cosmic Topology Data.

Cosmic Topology Data

Logo of Cosmic Topology Data.
Cosmic Topology Data
Logo of Cosmic Topology Data.
Cosmic Topology Data
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Company summary

Since working from home has become mainstream in the past few years, we have created more digital information than ever before. The staggering amount of data that we have accumulated on hand may become difficult to process. At Cosmic Topology, we can help you solve your data problems!

For Cosmic Topology Data Ltd., we help to set up a remote data team more easily for you to do it in Taiwan. We are the guys that familiar with the full stake of data that may help to create a better framework to raise a team in the beginning.

Products or services

We had a framework for the oversea company smoothly set up a remote tech team in Taiwan. You can have a limited budget for a start-up but find a team to help with your data problems. For SMEs, we help to create a new tech team that helps to serve a better project experience.


We can help to raise several tech teams and focus on the project related to the job scope

  • Data
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Scientist
    • Machine Learning Engineer
    • Research Engineer
  • Software
    • Backend Engineer
    • Frontend Engineer
    • Infra Engineer
    • Cloud Engineer
    • Database Administration

Employee benefits

  • Flexible working hours 🛌
  • No more traffic jams 🚌, but no typhoon leave 🙈
  • Must have health and labor insurance in Taiwan
  • Follow Taiwan Labor Standards Act but more
  • Annual leave of 10 days
  • Sick leave full pay 7 days (23 days half pay)
  • Laptop allowance 2000TWD per month
  • Annual Wage Supplement targets to have at least one month

Work environment

  • Remote or hybrid(if someone needs the office in Taipei we still can open a simple one in the coworking space)
  • You may remote work wherever you want
  • It's important to have a good network connection
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