Front-end Engineer (Angular, Junior)

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Job Description

- 負責開發 Web App 或 Desktop App 以及後端 API 設計;
- 與 UI/UX 設計師合作,並評估設計之可行性;
- 優化前端效能及擴充性;
- 開發前端及 API 測試模組。

- Responsible for developing functional and appealing user facing features for web and desktop applications as well as backend API design;
- Collaborate with UI/UX designers to ensure the technical feasibility of designs;
- Optimize applications to maximize performance and scalability;
- Perform UI and API testing.




- 畢業於資訊工程學、計算機科學或相關科系;
- 扎實網頁或手機前端開發經驗;
- 對創新前端科技及建構大規模離散式系統具有熱誠;
- 具備上進心及快速學習能力;
- 具備良好溝通能力及英文書寫口說能力;

- 熟悉 Angular 9+。


- 熟悉現代前端框架,如 Angular、React 及 Vue;
- 熟悉後端 Javascript 框架,如 Express,以及 WebSocket 技術;
- 熟悉 RESTful API 設計;
- 熟悉 Typescript;
- 熟悉後端開發語言,如 PHP、Java 或 Golang 等;
- 曾建構 Responsive Web Design 或是跨瀏覽器兼容的產品;
- 曾使用前端單元測試框架,如 Jasmine、Jest、Mocha、Karma 等。

Basic Qualifications

- Bachelor's degree of Computer Science, Information Technology, or other related discipline;
- Solid experience with JavaScript, and deep understanding of ECMAScript 2015+;
- Passion in learning cutting edge front-end technologies;
- Passion in producing large-scale systems;
- Self-motivated and fast learner;
- Strong communication skills;
- Demonstrated written and oral proficiency in English.

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience with modern frontend JS frameworks and experience with Angular, React or Vue;
- Experience with modern backend JS frameworks & WebSocket, Express;
- Experience with RESTful Web Services design;
- Experience with TypeScript is a plus;
- Experience with backend programming languages including PHP, Java or Golang, etc.;
- Experience with building responsive UI and solving cross browser compatibility issues;
- Hands-on experience with unit testing frameworks, such as Jasmine, Jest, Mocha, Karma, etc.

Interview process

1. Online Screening

- Around 50 minutes.
- Covers: Communication skills, teamwork, cultural fit.

2. Online Technical Interview

- Around 90 minutes.
- Covers: Problem-solving skills, web programming, general computer science, front-end frameworks.

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