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Logo of CTBC Holding 中國信託金控.
Logo of CTBC Holding 中國信託金控.
CTBC Holding 中國信託金控
Logo of CTBC Holding 中國信託金控.
CTBC Holding 中國信託金控
Logo of CTBC Holding 中國信託金控.
CTBC Holding 中國信託金控

Company summary

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Established in 1966, CTBC Bank Co., Ltd. started business as China Securities Investment Corp. and soon grew into China Investment and Trust Co., Ltd. In 1992, it was restructured into a commercial bank with a business scope that has now grown to include deposits, loans, guarantees, forex services, offshore banking, trusts, credit cards, securities, bonds, derivatives, and online banking. Since May 17, 2002, it has been a subsidiary of CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

During the past five decades, we have been guided by our business principles of integrity and caring, and have introduced many innovative services along the way. We were the first bank in Taiwan to issue credit cards, to set up a customer service center, and to provide foreign currency-compatible ATMs in the country’s ubiquitous convenience stores.

This commitment to excellence and innovation has earned us the trust and business of individuals and companies nationwide, and we lead Taiwan’s financial industry as a result. As of 2018, our consolidated assets totaled NT$3.96 trillion, the most of any privately owned bank in Taiwan.

In addition to its 152 domestic branches, CTBC Bank has the most extensive international network of any Taiwanese financial institution, with 114 overseas outlets located in the U.S., Canada, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Australia.

As we move forward and grow larger, “We are family” will remain our brand spirit. It informs our values of integrity, innovation, professionalism, teamwork, and caring as well as our mission to protect and build our customers’ wealth. You can see these values in action every day as we strive to strengthen our corporate governance, fulfill our corporate social responsibility, and create value for our customers, employees, shareholders, and community.

Our bank’s aim is to cement its status as “Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader” by having the most effective corporate governance and being the most trusted financial institution among clients and investors alike.

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Products or services

Institutional Banking
• Commercial Banking:
Providing customers with comprehensive, specialized, and cross-border financial services, including loans, trade financing, cash management, corporate trust, proxy services, and offshore private banking services, such as investment and financial planning.
• Capital Markets:
Providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ financial needs. These services include syndicated lending, structured finance, and financial advisory services. Offering a wide range of foreign exchange and derivative products to meet clients’ hedging and financing needs as well as specializing in structured product design and proprietary trading.

Retail Banking
• Wealth Management:
Providing target customer groups with financial planning, asset allocation planning and advisory services, as well as acquisition of a variety of financial products.
• Secured Lending:
Providing individuals with a variety of residential mortgage services (including home mortgages, refinancing, installment loans, policy-based loans, and financial planning mortgages) and offering repurchase agreements to targeted corporate customers.

Payment Services
• Credit Card and Payment Services:
Providing issuing and acquiring services for credit cards, stored value cards, and debit cards.
Developing platforms for digital wallets, third-party payments, bill payments, and cross-border transactions
• Unsecured Lending:
Extending various unsecured personal loans (including unsecured term loans and revolving loans).


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