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Hi Candidate,

We are looking for a Unity Technical Artist to help us ensure that the game assets are optimized and beautiful. You will receive assets in FBX format from our 3D modelers and import them into the game.

You will also need to collaborate with the Unity developers and UX designer to make sure the game is beautiful and running on mobile devices.
Knowledge about the UMA 2.0 system is a must:  https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/uma-2-unity-multipurpose-avatar-35611?aid=1100l355n&gclid=CjwKCAiAwrf-BRA9EiwAUWwKXrGAs_58VVoQMJ9qZdncSeQMZVo2HiXWexSqfSkVfIkRMNcUCdXgFhoC6mIQAv...

We are in need of someone who has a strong sense of aesthetics and is passionate about making a sci-fi universe for players to indulge in.

Thank you,

Yêu cầu

1. User Blender and Unity to arrange scenes. 
2. Collaborate with 3D modelers and Developers to make the game beautiful.
3. Help us improve the look of the characters and environments. 
4. Use shaders and lightning art to optimize the visual quality of the game.
5.Prepare and design character systems like skeletons, cloths, effect emitters, and ragdoll collision, and for collaborating with the environment artist and physics programmer to optimize environments and establish physics barriers.
6. Demonstrate a high standard for beauty on par with triple AAA games or successful Indie Games.

40K ~ 75K TWD/tháng
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Exantra Team Inc.

7S065 W. Suffield Ct.

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Exantra Team is a game studio in Xinyi District (near Taipei City Hall Station) in charge of moving fitness into the future through gamification and teamification


Eddy Yang

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