FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司 cover image
Logo of FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司.
Logo of FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司.
FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司
Logo of FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司.
FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司
Logo of FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司.
FAZZ - 新加坡商迅星金融科技有限公司台灣分公司

Company summary

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Fazz is an ecosystem of financial services that comprise Fazz (business account for Southeast Asia), StraitsX (payments infrastructure for digital assets) and Modal Rakyat (mutual cooperation funding for MSMEs). Fazz was founded in 2016 as a result of a merger between PayFazz and Xfers, two Y Combinator alumni based in Southeast Asia.

Fazz provides business accounts that offer seamless payment, savings and credit functionalities, under the brand Fazz Agen for Warung and MSMEs in Indonesia and Fazz Business for fast-growing startups and SMEs in Singapore & Indonesia.

Fazz’s mission is to make the future of finances accessible for every single business in Southeast Asia, where many MSMEs and the population are still underserved.

Products or services

Head to our website to get to know us better:

* Accept payments (e-wallet, bank transfer, credit card)

* Business Cash Account (earn 4% interest)

* Transfer / Pay (payment API's, corporate card, invoice processing via software)

* Lending (instant settlement, invoice financing)

* Value-add SaaS (inventory management, expense management)


About Us

Fazz’s mission is to improve the Business Finance in South East Asia

What we do:

  • Enable financial access in South East Asia
  • Digital Payments Infrastructure
  • #1 PPOB App in Indonesia through Payfazz Master Agen
  • Payment network moving over $2B per year through Xfers
  • Develop Stable coins for Singapore (XSGD) and Indonesia (XIDR) through StraitsX
    • 4.8B XSGD on chain transactions

Why you should join us?

We are Hiring!

Please visit our Lever

Preferred locations: Any time zone as South East Asia

  1. Indonesia
  2. Malaysia
  3. Philippines
  4. Singapore
  5. Thailand
  6. Taiwan
  7. Vietnam

Preferred language: English


Employee benefits

  • 環境⎜台灣團隊目以Remote方式進行團隊協作(選擇性進辦公室)
  • 設備⎜公司提供 (Macbook/Windows)
  • 年假⎜18 天/年,見紅就休無需補班
  • 病假⎜14 天/年,不扣薪
  • 員工健康檢查⎜補助NTD8000 /年
  • 勞健保⎜依照勞基法規定
  • 彈性上下班時間
  • 定期團建活動
  • 提供零食/咖啡/氣泡水
  • 舒適休閒空間


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