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【About Product Backend Team】

FunNow's backend development team, comprising over a dozen members, boasts diverse backgrounds from various startups or medium to large-scale software companies. Your role involves crafting highly readable, stable, and scalable code and architecture for FunNow's million-strong user base. We value the professional opinions and ideas of each team member, encouraging participation in discussions, questions, and suggestions, as we believe that great questions and ideas are the driving force behind team growth.

Below, we provide an overview of our tech stack to give you a foundational understanding of FunNow's architectural landscape:

Our backend system architecture and related infrastructure are built on AWS services, utilizing (but not limited to):

- RDS, ElastiCache, MongoDB Atlas and Elasticsearch cluster as the primary databases

- 100% containerized API, hosted on ECS/EKS Fargate, with services like EC2 for deploying ELK

- Serverless services such as SQS, EventBridge, SNS, Step Function, and Lambda for establishing asynchronous workflows

- WAF for designing firewall rules

- Development primarily in Go for RESTful APIs, Lambda functions, and schedulers, with occasional usage of Python or other languages for smaller services or tools

- Comprehensive development and deployment processes, utilizing GitHub for trunk-based flow, Circle CI, and AWS CodeBuild to establish a complete CI/CD pipeline

- Monitoring and alert mechanisms integrated with Grafana for various services


As a backend engineer within the FUNNOW Group, your daily responsibilities will include:

- Developing APIs and writing unit tests in Golang

- Collaborating with team members to select appropriate technologies and design system architecture

- Conducting performance analysis and optimization to enhance system scalability, stability, and security.

- Prioritizing software quality and continuously improving architecture, participating in code reviews to enhance code quality

- Writing clear and understandable API/RFC documents and discussing your ideas with the team

- Sharing your experiences to enhance the team's engineering culture



- 4+ years of experience in backend development

- Experience in Go programming language

- Familiarity with MySQL or other RDBMS databases, capable of analyzing performance bottlenecks and optimization

- Designing flexible table schemas that meet requirements

- Proficient in Git

- Implementation experience with Redis or Memcached for caching mechanisms

- Experience in Elasticsearch or other NoSQL databases

- Experience in developing with Message Queues (SQS/RabbitMQ/Kafka)

- Strong Linux foundation

- High self-standards, proactive responsibility, meticulous work attitude, and good communication and teamwork skills

- Familiarity with Kubernetes (K8S)

Interview process

【Interview Process】

    1. Phone Interview:

    - Casual conversation with HR and hiring manager Introduction to FunNow and self-introduction

    - Discussion about your past experiences, possibly including technical and future-oriented discussions

    - Q&A session where any questions are welcomed

    2. Onsite Technical Interview (within one week of passing the phone interview):

    - Presentation of past projects and problems solved Detailed discussion on technical aspects of project development

    - Discussion on the technologies mentioned in your resume

    - Code writing session Introduction to the company, team composition, operations, and technology

    - Q&A session to provide insight into future collaboration with the company

    3. Onsite or Remote Cultural and Collaborative Interview (within one week of passing the technical interview):

    - Brief self-introduction Discussion of past collaboration experiences with different teams, product managers, and frontend engineers

    - Possible practical or coding tasks, with the frontend lead possibly asking a couple of questions

    - Q&A session Final discussion with HR and hiring manager, including salary negotiation

      3 years of experience required
      1,200,000 ~ 1,600,000 TWD / year
      Optional Remote Work
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      Mid-Senior level
      800K ~ 1.3M TWD / year

      Entry level
      450K ~ 600K TWD / year

      Entry level
      200K ~ 230K JPY / month