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Job Description

1. 熟悉JavaScript開發語言,能夠進行物件導向/元件的前端設計和開發。

2. 專業的頁面製作能力,並有一定的頁面”審美意識”。

3. 掌握HTML、CSS/CSS3、JavaScript等前端相關技術,瞭解HTML5、JSON、W3C標準;瞭解Ajax、JQuery語言和技術。

4. 對JavaScript性能、多流覽器相容性有獨到的解決方案。

5. 熟悉DIV+CSS框架和佈局,用bootstrap,jquery開發過PC專案。

6. 熟悉至少一個主流開發框架(React / Vue / Angular)。

7. 擅長nodejs、npm、webpack、eslint、sass、less等前端工程化相關技術。

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Glory Information Ltd. was founded in 2018 and professionalized in mobile devices/ applications. Glory Information Ltd. believes that mobile devices and e-commerce have become the mainstream of global business transactions. Therefore, with the mobile devices era Glory Information Ltd. created applications and e-commerce platform for the world business today.

The founder of the Glory Information Ltd. promotes internationalization and diversified development strategy actively, which contributes to the local economic development. The Glory Information Ltd.'s footprints are spread across China (Shanghai & Shenzhen), Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, America and Canada. As the business expands, we will move further afield.


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