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Job Description

1.Implement and maintain backend infrastructure of Gogolook
2.Build and maintain various microservices, and work to improve their performance
3.Build and maintain automation tools for deployment, server provisioning, and other various operations
4.Diagnose and solve technical issues


1. 3+ years relevant experience
2. Experience with Python, Go
3. Experience with at least some of our middleware and databases: NGINX, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Mongo
4. Experience with container technology such as Docker or Kubernetes
5. Knowledge with configuration management tools such as Ansible
6. Experience in contributing to the systems architecture of a company
7. Experience with AWS, GCP, or other cloud services
8. Understanding DevOps practices and why to use them (e.g. CI,CD, Infrastructure as code, automated testing)

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Whoscall (Gogolook)


About us


防詐領導品牌 Gogolook(走著瞧股份有限公司),成立於 2012 年,擁有東亞最大 16 億筆號碼資料庫,團隊成員由來自於台灣、香港、韓國、日本、巴西與泰國等多國軟體創新人才,旗下產品包含陌生來電辨識軟體 Whoscall 、金融商品防詐媒合平台貸鼠先生、可疑訊息查證機器人美玉姨。Gogolook 與台灣警政署刑事警察局 165 反詐騙諮詢專線、韓國金融監督院、韓國警察廳、日本福岡市政府共同防範詐騙,佈局跨國版圖。



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