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About GoShare®
GoShare® is the world’s first end-to-end mobility sharing platform and solution powered by the integration of Gogoro® smartscooter®, Gogoro Network™, artificial intelligence, advanced cloud management, and GoShare App to deliver an easy, smart and fun experience. Through the GoShare App, GoShare provides 24/7 service that enables customers to find, reserve and ride a Gogoro Smartscooter in a hassle-free and adventurous way. GoShare invites everyone to enjoy the convenience brought by shared mobility, and to create sustainable urban life together.
For more information, please visit www.gogoro.com/goshare
Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ridegoshare

關於 GoShare®
GoShare® 為 Gogoro® 推出全球首創的「端至端」移動共享方案,垂直整合 Gogoro 智慧雙輪®、Gogoro Network™、 AI 人工智慧系統、雲端營運管理系統、客戶行動裝置 App 等生態系資源,致力於為大眾提供更簡單、更聰明、且新奇有趣的體驗。透過 GoShare 行動裝置 App,消費者能夠 24 小時輕鬆搜尋、預訂、騎乘 Gogoro 智慧雙輪,獲得探索城市的新樂趣。GoShare 邀請所有人親身體驗移動共享賦予生活之便,一同打造永續的都市生活環境。
GoShare 臉書官方粉絲團: https://www.facebook.com/GoShareTW/

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Updated 11 months ago

Sr. Frontend Developer

Salary1M ~ 1.6M TWD/year
Updated 11 months ago

Software Product Manager

Salary850K ~ 1.4M TWD/year
Updated 11 months ago
Updated 9 months ago

iOS Developer iOS 工程師

Salary850K ~ 1.45M TWD/year
Updated 2 months ago
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