11 - 50 People
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Company summary

Intowow 由Yahoo奇摩前董事總經理陳建銘、連續創業家邱建華、技術長李盈璁共同創辦,是一家鎖定全球市場的Ad Tech新創公司,於2017年由AppWorks領投,獲得500萬美金A輪融資。

全球數位廣告交易於2020年有超過75%是透過即時競價 (Real-Time Bidding)進行交易。Intowow專注於發展廣告賣方即時競價智能 (Publisher-Side Auction Intelligence),透過持續演進的AI演算法,幫助網站提升其程序化廣告的收益。
我們鎖定大流量媒體網站,客戶遍及美國、英國、加拿大、德國、法國、澳洲、日本、西班牙、義大利、巴西、阿根廷、智利、秘魯、烏克蘭、波蘭、白俄羅斯、立陶宛、印度等二十幾個國家,已獲得超過300多個全球知名網站 (Publishers)採用。

Intowow的廣告即時競價智能,其實際成效、客戶滿意度,大幅領先市場的競爭對手,並於2021年 獲得全球Ad Tech領域最高榮譽的四項入圍提名(Intowow為第一家亞洲公司獲得此提名)

  • 2021 AdExchanger Awards: Best Early Stage Technology Company
  • 2021 Digiday Technology Awards: Best Sell-Side Programmatic Platform
  • 2021 Digiday Technology Awards: Best Monetization Platform for Publishers
  • 2021 Digiday Annual Awards: Most Innovative Technology Platform

|About Intowow

Intowow is an advertising technology company that empowers global publishers with auction intelligence fueled by machine learning, AI, and optimization algorithms. We're a team of ad tech industry consultants, data scientists, and software architects, gathering together to enhance the welfare for publishers (the sell-side) in the programmatic ad industry. Publishers empowered by Intowow take advantage of our technologies to hedge against the buy-side cost saving activities, and achieve at least 30% ad revenue growth in this robotic world of programmatic ad auctions.

Founded by Frank Chen (CEO), ex- VP and Managing Director of Yahoo APAC, Ben Chiu (COO) and YT Li (CTO), innovation is at the core of the Intowow culture. Headquartered in Taipei, we embrace the global market and working with publishers in the US, Europe, Latin America, Japan, and Taiwan.

Products or services


Employee benefits



  • 特休假 第一年14天(依年資,每年增加一天)
  • 勞健保、公司團保


  • 每年員工例行全身詳細健康檢查(全額由公司支付,市值約NT$10,000/人)
  • 每季至少聚會一次,享受美食美酒
  • 辦公室擁有專屬咖啡師、暢飲啤酒機,無限量供應零食及飲料!


  • Flexible Workplace Options
    Choosing freely between working-from-home or coming to our office space in WeWork.
  • Paid Vacations
    14 days / year (contractually)
    *as long as your tasks and responsibilities are fulfilled, there's no paid vacation limits.

  • Equipment Subsidy
    $2,000 TWD / month

  • Others
    company insurance, annual health examination, unlimited snacks & beverages, etc.

Work environment


  • Intowow Office位於信義商圈的共享辦公大樓——WeWork,台北市最新穎、舒適的 Coworking Space
    (WeWork官網介紹 https://wework.tw/zh-TW/locations/songrenlu)
  • 除了開放透明的室內環境,後方緊鄰就是視野遼闊公園,工作累了可以隨時下去走走,也可以隨時到附近的商圈逛街。


點石創新股份有限公司 Intowow Innovation work environment photo點石創新股份有限公司 Intowow Innovation work environment photo點石創新股份有限公司 Intowow Innovation work environment photo點石創新股份有限公司 Intowow Innovation work environment photo


Ben Chiu
Frank Chen


Backend Engineer

Intowow 徵才囉,不需工作經驗,我們只找 學校畢業兩年內,深具有潛力的Fresh Young Talents ! 由資深成員擔任一對一 mentor,目標在五年內培養成為頂尖的problem solving programmer。 | 關於 Backend Engineer 這是一個富有挑戰性的職務,隸屬於 Engineering Team,適合對程式開發有熱情,喜歡挑戰複雜問題的新鮮...
Updated about 5 hours ago

Advisory Solution Engineer

Intowow 徵才囉,不需工作經驗,我們只找學校畢業兩年內,深具有潛力的Fresh Young Talents! | 關於 Advisory Solution Engineer 這是一個跨領域的職務,編制在Client Success Team,適合社會新鮮人探索與磨練自己的潛能,工作性質多元,主要涵蓋: Data Analysis & Visualization Client Engag...
Updated about 5 hours ago
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