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About The Role

Join us in a “Startup,” “Open,” and “Continuously Adjusting” environment. Seniority is not absolute here; learning agility is more valued. In this role, you will collaborate with team members to build a unique HR experience with a product development mindset.

Job Description

  • Develop a thorough understanding of our hiring partners, their industries, operations, work culture, and environments.
  • Set up strategies for managing high volume hiring and gathering feedback for our upcoming HR-Tech platform.
  • As we have multinational teams, the recruitment will include talents from Southeast Asia, particularly engineers.
  • Responsible for analyzing and optimizing recruitment effectiveness.
  • Assist in various company operational projects and other tasks assigned by supervisors


  • Sales Experience:
    • Must have a strong sales track record.
    • Previous recruitment experience is preferred.
  • Language Skills:
    • Proficiency in English is required, with the ability to engage in written correspondence at a minimum.
  • Technical Skills:
    • Knowledge of coding languages is preferred.
    • Proficiency in using LinkedIn is preferred.
  • Personal Attributes:
    • High Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with the ability to adapt to various situations.
    • Must be solution and target-oriented.
    • Capable of working comfortably amidst uncertainty.
  • Work Environment:
    • Adaptability to a rapidly changing and iterating startup environment is necessary.
    • Previous experience in a startup would be an added advantage.
  • Teamwork:
    • Must be a team player.
3 years of experience required
35,000 ~ 55,000 TWD / month
100% Remote Work
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About us

LeapIn is in the process of creating a platform that makes the recruitment process more efficient and transparent. Whether companies are looking for suitable candidates, communicating recruitment information between companies and headhunters, or job seekers are looking for the most suitable jobs, convenient and expedient solutions can be found on our platform to achieve the best balance between salary and expectations for businesses and job seekers.

Our co-founders have rich experiences, including starting businesses in Silicon Valley, USA, and working in the HR Tech field in Singapore. Most team members come from the HR industry. We’ve noticed that asymmetric information and inefficient communication often lead to a considerable waste of time in the recruitment process, posing significant problems for companies, headhunters, and job seekers, substantially increasing the time to find suitable candidates or positions.

We have already established subsidiaries in Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam. While building the platform, we are serving our clients with Recruitment services. Talent has always been a key factor affecting the success of a company. We believe that our platform, ensuring informational symmetry, can help companies and job seekers find suitable matches more effectively.


LeapIn 正在打造一個能讓招募過程更加有效率和透明的平台。不論是企業在找尋合適人選,或是在企業和獵頭間的招募資訊溝通,甚至是求職者在尋找最合適的工作時,都能在我們的平台上找到方便快捷的解決方案,以達到企業和求職者之間薪資和期望的最佳平衡。

我們的 Cofounders 擁有豐富的經驗,有在美國矽谷創過業,也有在新加坡商的 HR Tech 領域工作過。團隊成員多來自 HR 產業。我們注意到不對稱的資訊和低效的溝通經常導致招募過程浪費大量時間,無論對企業、獵頭或求職者都是一大問題,使得找到合適的人選或職位的時間大大增加。

我們已經在包含新加坡、台灣、日本及越南建立分公司,打造平台的同時,我們正在以 Recruitment 的型態服務我們的客戶。人才一直是影響企業成功與否的關鍵因素,我們相信,LeapIn 平台能在確保資訊對稱的基礎上,幫助企業和求職者更有效地找到合適的配對。


Mid-Senior level
35K ~ 55K TWD / month