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Logo of Migo 熱鬧點科技.
Logo of Migo 熱鬧點科技.
Migo 熱鬧點科技
Logo of Migo 熱鬧點科技.
Logo of Migo 熱鬧點科技.
Migo 熱鬧點科技
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Migo 熱鬧點科技是一間外資新創企業,全球研發中心位於台北,打造專為新興市場的消費者使用的數位平台。

為什麼首要的市場是印尼呢? 因為對於印尼人來說,寬頻網路如同奢侈品,並非每個人都負擔得起!

Migo 的數位平台,是以低於傳統寬頻 1/100 成本的技術,讓當地的消費者無需消耗行動數據也能同樣享受到優質的數位內容和數位體驗。

Do you believe that everyone should have access to Entertainment and Education?

At Migo, we are creating a movement to change the status quo to enable our consumers in emerging markets to watch entertainment and education videos offline – anytime, anywhere without buffering. We are creating a content distribution network (CDN) that is 100x cheaper to deploy than existing telco infrastructure resulting in ultra-low-cost for data. This allows us to bring joy to customers and build an innovative digital gateway through a smartphone to transform the digital lives of 3 billion rising consumers for the modern internet experiences with consumption of data at an affordable price.

Follow us on Social Media:

FB (Product News): https://www.facebook.com/MigoIndo/
FB (Careers): https://www.facebook.com/MigoCareers/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/migoindonesia/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/migo


公司的創辦人兼執行長,Barrett Comiskey 畢業於美國麻省理工學院(MIT),擁有史丹福(Stanford)商學院的企管碩士(MBA)。Barrett也因在大學期間在MIT Media Lab發明電子墨水(E-Ink) :驅動亞馬遜的Kindle和市面上其他品牌電子書的核心科技入選美國專利商標局國家發明家名人堂。他定居於亞洲有超過十五年的時間,是一位成功且經驗豐富的創業家。

【Why Join Us?】

Simple: We bring joy and transformation not only to Emerging Markets but to you, too.

Being an Imagineer means breaking boundaries by imagining, designing, building, and developing innovation to transform lives. Here in Migo, we aren’t just employees. We are Leaders, Caring, Relentless, Innovators, Always Improving, and we carry this in every action as we work together as one team towards one goal.

We change the world. Our passion for solving problems fuels us to continue challenging social norms and rebalancing accessibility for everyone. We dream big yet execute simply.

We don’t fear failure. Rather, we take those as an opportunity to improve. We move as one borderless team and build ideas together. Your inputs are valued because all of us are innovators: we believe that our endless curiosity while learning from each other builds the next best thing.

We unlock your full potential by being surrounded by a vast diversity of cultures and perspectives. You will be mentored by experts and fellow leaders through knowledge sharing and through fast and straightforward feedback. You will be empowered to grow as an individual and a professional to a whole new level – because as much as you got us, we got you too.

Produits ou Services

Migo 的數位平台,是以低於傳統寬頻 1/100 成本的技術,讓當地的消費者無需消耗行動數據也能同樣享受到優質的數位內容和數位體驗。


We are a new way to see the world for everybody who is struggling with connection and cost.

Couverture Médiatique

1. Digitimes 專訪 Barrett Comiskey- Migo打造超越軟硬體的新興市場解決方案 彌補30億人科技落差

2. Migo利用科技改變世界,提供新興國家數百萬名使用者娛樂及教育資訊的全新體驗  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pkgwC-RpJs
3. Migo CEO - Barrett Comiskey
4. 工程女孩的社企夢:如何將資料科學應用在被科技遺忘的世界?
5. Migo與印尼當地MNC Vision 策略聯盟合作:  https://migo.io/en/2021/06/10/iptv-and-migo-announce-major-strategic-alliance-to-bring-premium-entertainment-to-underserved-indonesian-mass-market/



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