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Logo of MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司.
Logo of MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司.
MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司
Logo of MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司.
MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司
Logo of MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司.
MoBagel 行動貝果有限公司

Company summary

Company Overview

MoBagel is a key vendor of a no-code AI/ML platform, as recognized by Gartner in 2020, 2021, and 2022. Decanter AI, the no-code AI/ML platform, empowers data scientists and domain experts to design and build AI solutions together. Through partnerships with key partners such as Dentsu Group, Deloitte and JETRO to build no-code AI solutions together, Decanter AI has quickly accumulated over 100,000 users and is well-positioned to continue driving innovation and growth for sustainability.

MoBagel is a Series A company that has raised over $21 million in funding to fulfill our vision of “Solve with AI, Build Sustainability Together”. Following our mission, we have served over 3,000 brands in various industries, including Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, finance, e-commerce, retail, supply chain and logistics, and digital marketing.

Here are some of the credits that MoBagel has received:

  • Gartner Report - Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends for 2020 : Key Vendor of AI/ML platform
  • UC Berkeley SkyDeck (UC Berkeley’s premier startup accelerator)
  • SoftBank Innovation Program (1st Round Winner)
  • Nokia Innovation Challenge (Top Prize of 400 startups)
  • Microsoft x Coca-Cola Smart Retail Hackathon (1st Prize in Greater China Region)
  • Microsoft Accelerator Beijing (1.89% of 1,000 startups)
  • Plug and Play IoT Expo (1st Prize of 300 startups)
  • Orange Fab Asia - Tokyo
  • Intel AI Builder Program

Products or services

MoBagel’s Product
Decanter AI is an AI/ML platform that focuses on automating the entire data analytics process using a next generation of AutoML and time series forecasting technologies, such as automated data cleaning, automated pre-processing, automated feature engineering, automated feature selection, automated hyperparameter tuning, automated model training and scoring, stacking, ensembling and automated deep learning.

Through the optimization of efficiency in computing time and memory management, Decanter AI has achieved a computing time and efficiency of 110 times faster than Google AutoML Tables, and 10 to 1000 times faster than using Python Scikit-learn for model building, and at the same time having a much more robust system execution of distributed computing, parallel computing and memory optimization.


MoBagel’s Culture

  • We strongly believe in our cultural values of SOLVE (Share, Open, Lead, Vision, Engage) to create value and how it drives both individual personal growth and the growth of our company as a whole. The ideal MoBageler should be willing and able to solve problems with the SOLVE mentality.
  • SOLVE 解決問題、加值利他
  • S for Share :願意分享資訊、知識、想法及感受
  • O for Open : 開放接受多元價值及問題方法
  • L for Lead : 帶領他人成長
  • V for Vision : 拓展視野、積累專業洞察
  • E for Engage : 主動承諾與行動,在乎彼此互動感受與安全感

Work environment



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Executive Secretary
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HR Specialist
請至 投遞履歷 1. Conduct data science projects to help clients drive solutions and solve business problems from various domains using a wide range of data science techniques, incl...
40K+ TWD / month
1 years of experience required
No management responsibility

請至 投遞履歷 [工作內容] 1. 協助財務報表分析及編製 2. 審核各項費用支付之發票、單據及帳務處理 3. 協助相關稅務申報作業,含營業稅、所得稅等 4. 配合會計師查核並提供相關資料 5. 擔任主管機關財會窗口 6. 其他主管交辦事項
50K+ TWD / month
3 years of experience required
No management responsibility

請至 投遞履歷 1. 依照產品規格配合不同的測試方法,建立、維護高涵蓋率的測項。 2. 與產品經理及開發人員緊密合作,確保產品在釋出前可以經過完整的測試流程,儘早發現可能的風險,並以交付高品質的產品給客戶為目標。 3. 透過精確地回報問題,讓開發人員更有效率地修正問題,並協助專案經理進行風險評估,設定產品上線時程。 4. 嘗試使用自動化工具執行...
35K ~ 65K TWD / month
2 years of experience required
No management responsibility

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
51 ~ 200