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At Orbweb, our guiding principal for the products we make is simple... "make it better". "Better" means different things to different people. To our partners, it means being empowered with the latest cloud technologies to make everyday things into everyday smart things. To users, better means more enjoyment of their home, vehicle, things and to enjoy those things with family and friends.

Orbweb Inc. is an "AI-based IoT platform and Cloud Enablement" company based in Palo Alto, California, with local offices in Taipei/Taiwan, Shenzhen/China, Linköping/Sweden partnering with consumer electronics, PC & Notebook, IoT devices makers, Home Security System, Global Mobile/Broadband Operators, and traditional non-tech companies worldwide. Today, the average user's digital assets include their mobile devices, personal computers, and the information stored in them. Tomorrow, the average user's digital assets will also include everyday smart things.
Orbweb.me™ is a cloud enabling service that provides users smart access to their PC based digital assets and resources. GoToMyThings™ is an AI-based IoT cloud platform which enabling service that provides cross device access and management of all of your connected "Smart Things" from anywhere in the world.

Products or services

Orbweb.me ™ Personal Cloud Platform
- File Xplorer - Instantly access your files on demand from anywhere. Oh! Did we mention no syncing or uploading necessary? Enjoy blazing fast HD video streaming of any formats to your mobile devices.
- Webcam Monitoring - Have a baby or pet? Never miss a moment even when away. Anytime webcam viewing, snapshot and recording. Instant notifications when anything happens. No need to buy an IP cam.
- Optimized Media Streaming. On the fly transcoding automatically adjusts resolution based on bandwidth and screen size.
- Wake on WAN - Turn on your PC when you need it, wherever you are. No need to leave your PC on 24 hours a day. Proprietary technology to wake up your PC – an industry first.
- Remote Desktop - Bring your office with you when you travel. Desktop applications and resources you can access on all your mobile devices from virtually anywhere.

Orbweb Connectivity Suite™ (OCS)
OCS provides an end-to-end connectivity solution for any number of devices that is secure and easy to use. This is accomplished through the use of established NAT traversal techniques and Orbweb's proprietary algorithms which enable devices to “punch” a hole through the firewall to reach the peer they wish to communicate with, thus creating a communication link. This technique enables 99% connectivity rates, while enabling high-speed bi-directional data transfers between peers with a secured AES-128 bit end-to-end encryption. No matter how many NATs or firewalls there are between peers, Orbweb's connectivity solution will be able to connect any number of devices anywhere in the world.

GoToMyThings ™ IoT Platform
- GoToMyThings is an IFTTT-Like IOT Service Portal for all OEM/ODM partners
- Provide end users for IOT devices connection and management with additional value-added premium services.
- Ultimate goal is to provide an IFTTT-like logic service for horizontal connectivity and inter-action functions across users' registered IOT devices


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