Social Media and Content Specialist -Thailand

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Job Description

[General Responsibilities]
-Plan and execute content strategies tailored to the Thai market, incorporating recent events and cultural nuances.
-Localize international events, such as International Women's Day and the Pride Month, to resonate with Thai audiences.
-Collaborate with GTM & PR to tailor content for promotions, for example, Songkran -Sale Promotion, to drive engagement and sales.
-Manage SEO agencies and create blog articles optimized for search engines to drive traffic.
-Manage email marketing campaigns, from drafting compelling content to scheduling and analyzing performance metrics.
-Translate marketing materials of new products and website content, ensuring accuracy and cultural sensitivity.
-Engage with our Thai audience across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and our blog, fostering meaningful interactions and building brand loyalty.


【Job Requirement】
-Proficiency in either Chinese (or English) and Thai languages, with excellent written and verbal communication skills.
-Strong copywriting and content creation abilities; experience with Canva or a similar tool to create visual content is a huge plus.
-Experience in social media management, including content scheduling, community engagement, and analytics tracking.

3 years of experience required
40,000 ~ 55,000 TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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