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Job Description

SHOPLINE is Asia’s largest smart commerce platform. With our customers in mind, we strive to deliver scalable commerce solutions to merchants of all sizes. We’re a full-featured platform with services including online store opening, O2O solution, retail POS systems, advertising placement, business strategy consultation, marketing, and more to empower merchants to succeed in omnichannel retailing and cross-border commerce.
You’ll be a part of an engineering team that is dedicated to developing a reliable and robust e-commerce platform for merchants in Asia.

【What you’ll be doing】
- Ensure the integrity, security, and availability of databases through proper database design, implementation, and maintenance.
- Optimize database performance through tuning, indexing, and other optimization techniques.
- Collaborate with software engineers and developers to integrate database solutions into application architecture.
- Take ownership of database-related tasks and features, ensuring their timely and successful completion.
- Implement backup and recovery procedures to safeguard database data against loss or corruption.
- Monitor database operations and performance, identifying and resolving issues proactively.
- Debug and troubleshoot database-related problems, providing effective solutions.
- Document processes, procedures, and configurations for reference and future maintenance.


【Who we are looking for】
- Bachelor's or Diploma Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Information Engineering, or related fields.
- Strong experience with database management and optimization, e.g MongoDB
- Proficiency in database query optimization and debugging techniques.
- Ability to take ownership of database tasks and features, ensuring their completion with attention to detail.
- Lifelong learner with a quick grasp of new technologies.
- Experience working in a fast-paced startup environment is a plus.
- Familiarity with building or maintaining e-commerce platforms is desirable.
- 8+ year’s experience in the role of DBA role or relevant

【It'd be plus if you have】
- MongoDB Associate DBA certification
- Experience working for a fast-paced startup
- Knowledge on building or maintaining e-commerce platforms

【Why you should join us】
- We provide training for newcomers to understand industry best practices.
- We have check points to keep newcomers motivated and learn various skills.
- We work in a fun, collaborative open space where we encourage creativity and ideas flow freely.
- You’ll be able to steer the future roadmap to improve our products, big or small, and see the results of your products reach our customers.
- Get to work with flexible working hours. Our priority is on getting the job done.
- Birthday leave, marriage leave etc
- Flat structure environment, you will be able to work independently and make your own choices.
- We provide guidance and mentorship to polish your business skills and entrepreneurship mindset.
- We are one of the standout tech startups in Hong Kong, targeting a huge opportunity in Asia.
- Shopline is a part of the 500 Startups Accelerator and Incubated by Hong Kong Cyberport, giving us a massive network of advisors and resources globally.

8 years of experience required
Regular earnings reach NT$40,000
Partial Remote Work
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Logo of SHOPLINE 商線科技.

About us

SHOPLINE 全球智慧開店平台成立於 2013 年,是亞洲最大及成長最快的SaaS (Software-as-a-service ) 商務平台以及解決方案服務商之一。SHOPLINE 豐富的生態圈服務提供最新的技術、資源及合作夥伴,全方位賦能店家成功;店家可透過 SHOPLINE 全通路解決方案包含電子商務、社群商務以及 POS 系統,成功將產品及服務銷售至全世界。

SHOPLINE 總部設立於新加坡,目前全球有約 2,000 名員工,並已協助全球超過 60 萬商家開店,包含 DR.WU、茶籽堂、綠藤生機、vacanza、美珍香、乾杯超市、Lady M、起士公爵、海邊走走、京盛宇等知名品牌都是 SHOPLINE 客戶。
發展至今,SHOPLINE 已是橫跨香港、台北、吉隆坡、新加坡、雅加達等 14 大城市的國際化團隊,去年更進軍歐美市場,開設英國、澳洲、美國、日本辦公室據點,透過 SHOPLINE 創新的服務與頂尖的團隊,專注為品牌打造最好的產品。

SHOPLINE 保有外商的制度福利與新創公司的發展彈性,你還等什麼!歡迎對 Startup、對電商產業有熱誠的人才加入我們的頂尖團隊!



2014|入選美國矽谷 500 Startups 第十屆新創團隊

2015|榮獲香港資訊及通訊科技獎 - 最佳資訊科技初創企業


2016|全球商家數累計突破 8 萬

2017|成為 Google 大中華區第一個電商平台合作夥伴

2018|全球商家數累計突破 10 萬

2019|榮獲 《數位時代》 FCA 創新商務獎「 最佳產品創新獎」與「 最佳商業模式創新獎」

2019|成為 Facebook 行銷夥伴

2020|成為 LINE 官方行銷夥伴

2020|榮獲《倫敦金融時報》亞太區快速成長企業 500 強


2022|榮獲 APEC 亞太傑出企業獎「優異勵志品牌獎」與「卓越企業管理獎」


2023|全球員工數突破 2,000 人


2023|全球商家數累計突破 60 萬


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Associate MS Manager


Mid-Senior level
1.2M ~ 1.8M TWD / year

Mid-Senior level
1.1M ~ 2.1M TWD / year

Mid-Senior level
1M ~ 1.8M TWD / month