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Job Description

Join a world-class product development team as a practitioner of innovation and growth. This position is responsible for product development quality through effective global teamwork. You will work closely with product managers, designers and R&D engineers.

# 我們的工作方式
團隊架構以產品做劃分,團隊成員包含後端、App 前端(iOS/Android)、UI 與 UX 設計,每個人都會完整地參與到產品的計劃、設計與開發,歡迎對新創及產品開發有熱情的你加入我們!

# 你的工作內容
- 參與 Feature Squad 的開發,與設計師、 App Developer 合作,設計系統架構與實作網站。
- 持續改善與優化網站

# 我們用到的技術
- ReactJS
- Redux
- Redux-Saga
- NodeJS
- CSS Modules
- Jest


# 我們想找的人
- 1 年以上前端開發工作經驗
- 對於產品開發有熱情,主動參與產品決策的討論
- 熱愛學習新技術(我們有進修補助!)
- 有 Git 使用經驗
- 懂 SEO,sitemap

# 如果你會這些很加分

- 網站效能優化

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700K ~ 1.1M TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of Snapask Taiwan Limited.

About us

◆ 產品理念

Snapask 於 2015 年創立並推出,為一個人化手機學習應用程式,旨於透過數據分析及機器學習為學生帶來更有趣、更有效、更貼身的全新學習體驗,從而改革傳統教育,實現「因材施教,有教無類」的願景。

學生可於 Snapask 平台上透過「實時問答」獲得即時功課輔導或「模擬測驗」定期作針對性操練。團隊期望個人化服務能更有效解決每位學生的學習難題,同時建立更仔細的個人學習能力分佈檔案,協助同學充分掌握自己的專長,主導自己的學習方向,重拾學習的樂趣。時至今日,Snapask 廣受中學生歡迎, 即時教學服務亦推廣至台灣、新加坡、馬來西亞、印尼、泰國、日本、韓國等市場。現時已有超過上百萬名學生曾經接受來自 35 萬名合格導師的即時支援。

◆ 團隊價值主張

You must be RESPONSIBLE, so we can count on you, and vice versa.

If you want flexibility at work, you need to balance responsibility with flexibility, which means you have to give your best on all your responsibilities. Being responsible means you understand your teammates are reliant upon you for your best judgement when making decisions.

You must be EFFECTIVE to accomplish your objectives and make positive contributions.

Be effective with quality. Be sure to design solutions that are scalable, transferrable, and solution-focused. Effectiveness doesn't just mean bringing results. Being cost-effective, time-effective, and energy-efficient makes a company competitive and perform at its best.

SELF-AWARENESS is key to continuously learning and improving yourself.

A humble person is self-aware and respectful. It is important to never assume you are right, but always listen and offer constructive feedback so you can learn and help others to improve. It is important to respect others in every conversation even when it is justifiable to make a strong point.


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Vice President of Engineering
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Lead Designer
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Senior Motion Designer
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Senior Accounting Associate
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Senior Content Manager


35K ~ 40K TWD / month

Entry level
170 ~ 220 TWD / hour

Entry level
200 ~ 230 TWD / hour